Create labels to help organize and search across channels.


Labels are available within all community channels and can be used to organize, filter and search within forums.

You can create new labels in your Workspace Settings and can specify whether forums have labels active within  Channel settings. Within forums (and the home index view) users can filter by labels when searching through forum activity.

Creating labels

Workspace admins can create new labels by heading to Workspace settings > Labels .

Click the New label + button and choose a label name and color. When selecting a label color, you can either choose from the preset options or click the # icon and type in a custom hex code.

Editing & deleting labels

To edit or delete a label – head to to Workspace settings > Labels and click on the Edit icon to edit label settings or the Delete icon to remove the label from your workspace.

Note: Once a label has been deleted from your workspace you will not be able to undo this action.

Using labels in channels

If labels are enabled within a channel, thread authors will be able to add labels when composing a thread. Thread authors along with workspace team members will also be able to add labels to threads via the left-hand thread sidebar by clicking on the Labels icon.

For information on enabling labels within a channel, read our doc on .