Workspace setup


The first step to using Outverse is to create a workspace.


Your workspace is your team's home for your user-facing knowledge base. We recommend that teams stick to a single workspace as that's how we've designed Outverse to be used.

To configure your Outverse workspace as an admin, navigate to Workspace settings by clicking the ... (three dots) icon next to your workspace name.

Within your Workspace Settings, Admins will be able to:

  • Enable the Knowledge Base feature suite

  • Enable the Community feature suite

  • Invite and manage admins & team members

  • Enable the Content Library feature

  • Create and manage webhooks

  • Create labels


Read our collections and guides below to learn more about configuring your Outverse workspace.

Delete workspace

To delete your space – please email us at

Deleting your workspace is irreversible so please do so with caution.