Managing docs
AI-related content

AI-related content

Help users find self-serve answers via AI-related content.


All knowledge items within Outverse (including docs, forum posts, and verified solutions) show other semantically related items in their right-hand side panel (powered by AI).

To view any object's semantic relations – simply open the right-hand side panel using the expand <> collapse icon or the ⇧P shortcut.

Related results are shown in order of their relative semantic similarity.

Related docs

When viewing any document or thread, users will see related knowledge base docs in the right side panel – enabling them to quickly identify and access other docs related to their current issue.

Related support answers

When viewing any document or thread, users also see related previous threads/discussion about similar topics – with annotations for threads that have been marked as 'Solved' – helping them quickly identify other informative threads. and answers.

Multiple objects from the same discussion will be grouped together to help with context management and orientation as you surf Outverse knowledge.