Account basics
Account setup

Account setup

Set up your core Outverse account details


When creating your Outverse account you can choose to sign up via email & password, Google or GitHub. This will be the login method that you will use going forward when accessing your Outverse account.

Email address

Sign up for Outverse using your email address and a unique password

  1. Head to and click Log in in the top right corner

  2. Enter your Email address in the field provided

  3. Enter a unique Password in the field underneath

  4. Click the Sign up button to complete the process. You will be logged into your new Outverse account immediately

  5. Outverse will send you an email to verify your account. Open the email, and click the verification button to complete the process and log into your new Outverse account

Google account

If you have a Google account, including a Google business account, you can sign up for a Outverse account using your Google account details.

  1. Head to

  2. Select Continue with Google at the top of the window

  3. If you're already logged in to Google, you'll be prompted to confirm your details

  4. Otherwise, enter your Google email or Phone in the field provided and click Next

  5. You will then be able to Enter your password

  6. Click Next to complete the process. An Outverse account will then be created under your name and email address

When you sign up with your Google account, you can't make changes to your email address or password in Outverse.

If you want to use Outverse with another email, you will need to disconnect Google from your account.

What next?

Once the sign up process is complete, Outverse will take you to your user dashboard. From here you'll be able to create a new workspace and also access your user settings.

Learn more about workspaces


You can choose your interface theme via the Appearance section of your User settings or via the quick them-switcher in the bottom of the left-hand sidebar. Alternatively, you can change theme via your ⌘K command palette.

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