Workspace setup
Custom domains

Custom domains

Setting up a custom subdomain for your workspace, e.g.

Step 1: Request subdomain

To set up a custom domain – send us an email at with your workspace name and requested custom subdomain.

Our team will quickly be in touch to confirm your custom domain has been setup.

Step 2: Set up CNAME records

Once you've requested a subdomain, go to your domain host’s platform (e.g. Google Domains) and set up a new CNAME record.

Adding a CNAME record

When adding a CNAME record, transfer the exact Host/Name and Target/Value information copied from below and paste it into the CNAME record editor to avoid errors.

Field name

Field value

Host name







When adding a Host/Name for a CNAME record, most domain hosting platforms assume the domain link.

Therefore, you should only enter the prefix that you have chosen for the subdomain in the field unless it is required by your domain host to use the whole URL.

For example, if you would like to set up as a subdomain, you should only enter "support" in the Host/Name field when adding a CNAME record.

Vercel-hosted domains

If you are using Vercel – there will be a separate step to complete Vercel verification.

Our team will provide instructions on how to complete this step.

Below are links to popular hosting platforms, along with guides for setting up a CNAME. If you don't see yours below, searching your platform along with the keyword CNAME should point you in the right direction.

  • Google Domains

  • Godaddy

  • 101 Domains

  • A2 Hosting

  • Bluehost

  • Cloudflare

  • DNSimple

  • Dreamhost

  • Hostgator

  • Hostinger

  • SiteGround

  • Squarespace

  • Westhost

Test CNAME record

You can use CNAME lookup tools such as Mxtoolbox to test the CNAME record you just added. Successful CNAME setup shows a result (DNS Record found) similar to the one shown below. Once confirmed, please proceed to the final step.

If your test shows a result DNS record not found, please go back to your CNAME record setup in the domain host’s DNS settings and ensure there are no mistakes / typos. You can also reach out to your domain host’s support to get help in adding the record.

Step 3: Confirm & test your custom domain

Once you have received confirmation from our team that your custom domain has been verfied, head back to your Workspace settings → Custom domain where you will now see your custom domain with a Active badge.

Once your domain has been activated, all the default workspace links will auto-direct to the new domain.

Once your domain is active in the workspace, when you browse through your settings, spaces, and posts, all of those URLs will match the new domain URL.

You can also test the redirect from your default workspace URL to your new domain by navigating to your

workspace using the workspace URL.

For example, let’s assume:

  • Your custom domain is

  • Your default workspace URL (Outverse domain) is

If you use to access your workspace content, it will automatically redirect you to your new custom subdomain (

Note: Once configured it can take up to a fews hours for your new domain settings to successfully propagate.