Combine Outverse with Slack for a powerful integration that keeps everyone in sync.


Set up the Outverse Slack bot to receive personal notifications via Slack.

Integration setup

To receive Outverse notifications via Slack, you will need to add the Outverse Slack app to your Slack workspace. This will need to be done (or approved) by a Slack workspace admin.

To add the Outverse app to your Slack workspace, use this link or search for 'Outverse' in the Slack app directory.

Notification setup

Slack notifications are configured in your notification settings within a community. Anyone can choose to receive Slack notifications as long as the Outverse app has been added to their Slack workspace.

  • Receive community admin notifications

  • Receive forum-based notifications, including:

    • New created threads

    • New replies within threads

    • New direct mentions within threads/replies

In order to start receiving personal Slack notifications, each user will need to 'Enable' Slack as notification channel within a community. To do this – click on the dropdown next to the community name and select Notification settings > Enable Slack. Once a user has authorised Slack as a notification channel, they can select which notification groups they would like to receive via Slack.