Formatting components

Formatting components

Use formatting components to create rich, informative content.


Callout blocks can be used to highlight important sections within docs. To add a callout block, either type "! " (exclamation mark followed by a space) or select the 'Callout block' option from the / formatting menu.

Here is an example of an important piece of information within a callout block

Text within a callout block can also be given color and any additional formatting, such as bold or italics

Inline code

Add inline code by opening and closing any text strong with ` (backticks).

`This is an example of inline code `

Code block

Code blocks can be added by simply typing ``` (three backticks).

To specify a programming language for your code block, type ``` followed by the programming language name (e.g. python, java, ruby, etc.)

const express = require("express");
const bodyParser = require("body-parser");
const app = express();
const port = 3000;

// Parse the request body
for fizzbuzz in range(1,100):
    # Number divisible by 15,(divisible
    # by both 3 & 5), print 'FizzBuzz'
    if fizzbuzz % 15 == 0:
    # Number divisible by 3, print 'Fizz'
    elif fizzbuzz % 3 == 0:    
    # Number divisible by 5, print 'Buzz'
    elif fizzbuzz % 5 == 0:        


To add a quote, precede any text strong with the ">" (right chevron symbol).

Here is a quote:

Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn

Steve jobs

Bulleted list

Add a bulleted list by entering a - character on a new line. Hitting enter (line break) will add a subsequent bullet in the list.

  • Bulleted list item 1

  • Bulleted list item 2

  • Bulleted list item 3

Numbered list

Add a numbered list by entering a 1. (number 1 followed by a full stop) character(s) on a new line. Hitting enter (line break) will add a subsequent bullet in the list.

  1. Numbered list item 1

  2. Numbered list item

  3. Numbered list item 3