Community access

Community access

Configuring your access settings.

Public access

If you set your space to Public anyone will be able to view and join your community. Even though your public community is free to view and join, you can still send out invites using the same method outlined below.

Private access

If your community is Private, people will need an invite to join. You can access the invite form from a few places:

  • The ... dropdown next to your workspace name

  • The member gallery

  • The 'Manage members' tab of your Workspace Settings

There are two types of invite you can send:

  1. Use the generic invite link (anyone with this link can join your space – the link can be regenerated whenever you choose)

  2. Unique email invite (only the specified email address will be able to use this type of invite)

Inviting members

Read the doc for info on how to invite and manage your members.