Workspace setup
Content library

Content library

Create an organised content library within your workspace.


The content library can be used to curate external resources for your customers. Any external link can be added to your content library – popular examples include:

  • YouTube video tutorials

  • External resources bases

  • External blog content


To enable a content library for your workspace, head to Workspace settings > Content library and toggle the 'Enable content library' option to ON.

Once your content library has been enabled, you will be able to choose a name for your library (e.g. 'Content library' or 'Resources') – the name you choose is what users will see in your navigation topbar.

Adding items

Items can be added to the content library by clicking navigating to the content library tab in your navigation topbar and clicking the Content + button, which will open a modal.

Within the modal, paste the URL of the link you would like to add and click Next . Outverse will then automatically pull in the link's title, description, image and type – using the link's opengraph details. These details can then be manual changed if you would like to do so.

Editing items

Items can be edited by clicking the ... (three dots) icon on the item's card and then clicking Edit item. This will open the edit modal within which you can update any item details and also regenerate the auto-filled details by clicking the recycle icon next to the URL field.

Items can be deleted by clicking the ... (three dots) icon on the item's card and then clicking Delete item.