Creating threads

Creating threads

Creating and replying to threads within forums.

Creating a thread

To create a thread within a forum, head to the forum and click the 'Thread +' button or ⇧N. This will open the thread composer within which you will add a name and body for your thread.

The thread composer has full markdown and easy embedding (images, Figma, Loom, YouTube and more).

You can hit ⇧N from anywhere in your community space to open the thread composer and then select the forum you want to post into by clicking the forum name.

Replying within threads

To reply within a thread, click the 'Reply +' button or use ⇧R to open the reply composer. To reply directly to a specific reply within a thread, be sure to click the 'Reply' button directly on the reply item that you are looking to respond to.


If you leave a post (either thread original post or a reply) before submitting it – your draft will be saved.


When composing within Outverse, you can mention people, channels and docs. To mention a person, type '@' – to mention a channel or doc, type '#'. Here is an example of a mentioned document .