Managing docs
Organization components

Organization components

Add organizational components to your knowledge base docs

Index galleries

Index galleries are organizational components that can be used to create index and category pages within your knowledge base.

Index galleries can have both categories and / or individual docs added to them, enabling flexible composition. To add an index gallery to a document, use the / command menu and select the Docs gallery option. You can then use the + buttons on the x and y axes to add rows / columns. For each item, you will be able to add a short description.

Below is an example of an index gallery in action:


To add tabs to an doc, hit / to open the formatting menu and select the Tabs option. You can add any formatting within a tab. New tabs are added by clicking the + button in the top left-hand corner of the tab component.

To rename a tab, switch over to the tab you would like to rename and focus (click into) the tab title – you will then be able to update the name of the tab inline. To delete a tab, switch over to the tab you would like to delete, and click the delete icon next to the the tab's title.

You can add as many tabs as you like to the tabs component – once the number of tabs exceeds the width of the tabs component, users can horizontally scroll the tabs top/title bar to navigate additional tabs, using either a trackpad/mouse or alternatively, the > < icons.

Here is an example of the first tab in a tabs component.

Table of contents

Optionally add a table of contents to a doc by using the / command and selecting the Doc contents option from the dropdown menu


Accordion blocks (or 'toggles') can be used to add a dropdown component for showing <> hiding content.

Optionally add an accordion to a doc by using the / command and selecting the Accordion option from the dropdown menu.

Accordion's can have other blocks added within them and can be dragged positionally by clicking and dragging the toggle icon.

Below is an example of an accordion in action:

Accordion (toggle me)

Internal accordion content

Another accordion

Content inside the second accordion!