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New changelog: Documentation sections, forum grid view & more

Product release notes: 23 Feb, 2024

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Docs sections

You can create 'sections' within your knowledge base for an additional layer of hierarchy and organization. Sections can contain both documents and categories and can be easily reordered in the sidebar via drag-and-drop, along with the items within them.

Forum grid view

We've added a new format/view option to Forums – further extended their flexibility and utility. The forum grid/gallery view enables a more visual representation of forum activity.

Teams can specify which view options are available in each forum via the channel settings.

Maximize thread height

You can now specify individual threads to not truncate when in Expanded forum view, locking the card to show the entire thread content. This is particularly useful in announcement/changelog forums, enabling users to browse the entirety of announcements directly on the forum page (without navigating into the thread view itself).

Team members can maximize a thread card's height via the ... dropdown on the thread card.

Improvements & fixes

  • Teams can now specify a light and dark mode custom icon variant for channels

  • Improved accessibility of forum & thread notification options

  • Hovering an emoji reaction will now show the list of reacting users

  • Fixed a bug where in certain scenarios the @ mention menu was returning an empty user list

  • Fixed a bug where the color picker for custom role badges was not rendering in workspace settings

  • Fixed a bug where occasionally a new doc was being created when the knowledge base route domain was loaded by a team member

  • Fixed an overflow bug in the table editor block

  • All hyperlinks in a workspace are now themed to the workspace's accent color

  • Improved UI styling for custom roles badges

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New changelog: Private team labels + custom channel icons

Product release notes: 06 Feb, 2024

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Private labels

You'll can now create private labels within your Outverse workspace. Private labels can:

  • Only be added to threads by team members

  • Only be seen on threads / filtered for by team members

Private labels will appear with a lock icon next to them, so team members will be able to easily differentiate them from normal labels. To create a private label, head over to Workspace settings > Community > Labels and create / edit a label. When editing a label, toggle between normal and private mode using the eye<>lock icon button.

Custom channel icons

You'll now be able to upload a custom icon (we suggest an SVG) for each channel, which will display instead of the default icon in the sidebar and also other places across your workspace.

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved user experience for workspace admins on custom domains

  • Fixed a bug where the labels page in workspace settings was occasionally not loading all label content

  • Fixed a bug in the gallery block when deleting the final row

  • Improved styling for thread solutions UI

  • Improved styling for unpublished docs UI

  • Improved build size and chunking

  • Added an optional noindex flag to prevent all content indexing (including public content)

  • Fixed a bug where the OpenGraph image preview in workspace settings was not rendering correctly

  • Improved styling in docs sidepanel UI

  • Improved styling and accessibility of callout block UI

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New changelog: File embeds & reader-optimized view

Product release notes: 24 January, 2024

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File embeds

Files can now be embedded in both docs and forums within Outverse. To add embed a file – simply drag the file into the composer. You can then further drag & drop the file to position it wherever you'd like. Outverse supports all major file types.

Reader-optimized view

Teams can now specify whether their forum channels show in full width or reader-optimized width by default. Users can easily update their own preferences using the Display controls within forum channels.

To set a default view option in your workspace, head to Workspace settings > Community Settings and use the 'Default forum view' toggle.

Improvements & fixes

  • Increased number of optional external links in navigation top bar from 1 to 3

  • Fixed a bug where doc titles where showing a delay upon update

  • Fixed a bug where the workspace notifications modal was flashing upon first open

  • Fixed a bug where knowledge base categories where resetting order upon drag-and-drop

  • Improved callout block component design

  • Improved scroll interaction when deep-linking to specific replies in forums

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New changelog: Table components & team doc drafts

Product release notes: 04 January, 2024

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Table components

You can now added informational tables to your docs in Outverse. Tables can be added by opening the / formatting menu and selecting the Table option.Use tables to display information to your customers in a structured way and can anything added to them, including code blocks, images, and videos.

You can read more about formatting components in our doc here: .

Team doc drafts

Knowledge base document drafts are now saved team-wide (as opposed to locally per user) – enabling better collaboration on doc authoring and editing within teams.

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug where team logo was not showing next to non-admin team members

  • Fixed a bug where a double tooltip was displaying on the RHS panel's [expand<>collapse] icon button

  • Improved reply composer UI to prevent thread content being blocked

  • Improved navigation UX within settings interfaces

  • Fixed a bug where thread card height was jumping on first forum page load

  • Fixed a bug in the create workspace form

  • Improved SSR performance within forums

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New changelog: Performance improvements + interface/UX polish

Product release notes: 19 December, 2023

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Upgraded performance

We've made a number of changes that have significantly improved Outverse performance across the app. You should now experience improved performance when loading and navigating channels & documents – and also when filtering content/threads within channels. We’ve significantly improved load times in channels by:

  • Better optimizing the sequencing of essential vs non-essential data requests

  • Switching to server-side rendering to load data in faster

  • Reducing the number of loading states across the app

New emoji picker

We've been working on a number of UX / usability improvements to end the year. As part of this, we've built a new emoji picker from the ground up, inclusive of:

  • Hover for a quick-view list of favorites / recents

  • Compact <> expanded picker size for higher density viewport

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the Overview section of workspace settings

  • Added H1 tag to thread titles to improve indexing

  • Fixed a bug where the reply composer was not auto-focussing when opened

  • Fixed a bug where thread annotations where not rendering upon initial page load

  • Fixed a bug where the reply list avatar stack was not showing skeleton loading state

  • Fixed a height issue with the small variant of image embeds

  • Fixed a bug where the upload state spinner was not showing for video uploads

  • Improved styling on channel inline mentiones (e.g. )

  • Added < navigation icon button to user and workspace settings for improved navigation

  • Fixed a bug where occasionally doc drafts where not saving across users

  • Fixed a big where the reply composer would occasionally obstruct thread content when open

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New changelog: Document tabs & evolved workspace settings

Product release notes: 20 November, 2023

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Document tabs

You can now add tabs to knowledge base documents via the / formatting menu.

To add tabs to an doc, hit / to open the formatting menu and select the Tabs option. You can add any formatting within a tab. New tabs are added by clicking the + button in the top left-hand corner of the tab component.

To rename a tab, switch over to the tab you would like to rename and focus (click into) the tab title – you will then be able to update the name of the tab inline. To delete a tab, switch over to the tab you would like to delete, and click the delete icon next to the the tab's title.

You can add as many tabs as you like to the tabs component – once the number of tabs exceeds the width of the tabs component, users can horizontally scroll the tabs top/title bar to navigate additional tabs, using either a trackpad/mouse of the > < icons.

Workspace settings

We've upgraded our workspace settings interface to make it more structured, organized and navigable. Different settings categories are now divided into into individual sections, accessed via the settings sidebar. To access workspace settings, click the ... button next to your workspace name in the the top left-hand corner of your interface.

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug where document contents panels were not sticking upon scroll

  • Improved sidebar accessibility in light theme

  • Added channel color representation to the sidebar

  • Fixed a copy & paste bug caused by the document contents panel

  • Fixed a bug where thread contents where not updating when navigating via semantic relationships

  • Fixed a bug where occasionally thread page was not reloading after a reply was marked as solution

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New changelog: Teams, global navigation & accordion components

Product release notes: 26 October, 2023

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Workspace Teams

We've introduced Team roles to Outverse workspaces. You can now manually invite and promote admins and team members from your workspace settings - Workspace Settings > Team

Within forums, admins and team members will be easily identifiable by the workspace logo that appears next to their name. Read more about teams in our guide.

Invite new team members or admins by gong to Workspace settings > Team > Invite team member . Users can be directly invited as either an admin or a team member via the dropdown in the invite modal.

Entering the user's email and clicking Send will send a unique invite to the user which will be valid for 1 week.

Global navigation

We've improved navigation across Outverse workspaces – making it easier and more intuitive.

We've moved the Knowledge base, Channels, Resource library, and Workspace CTA tabs into the new global topbar – along with workspace-wide search.

Accordion formatting components

Accordion components (or 'toggles') can be used to add a dropdown component for showing <> hiding content.

Optionally add an accordion to a doc by using the / command and selecting the Accordion option from the dropdown menu.

Accordion's can have other blocks added within them and can be dragged positionally by clicking and dragging the toggle icon.

Below is an example of an accordion in action:

Accordion (toggle me)

Internal accordion content

Another accordion

Even more accordion content!

Read more about accordions and other organization componentd in our guide.

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New changelog: Search engine indexing & video embeds

Product release notes: 13 September, 2023

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We’ve been working on making Outverse more accessible to search engines – meaning discussions and documentation within your Outverse space will be more accessible via organic search.

This release changes the way we render content in Outverse. Ultimately, this now means that individual pages can be indexed by search engines. This begins with public forums, with knowledge base doc indexing coming shortly.

We’ve also given URLs an update so they’re easier for humans and search engines to read: Outverse content now uses clean URLs that include the forum name and the thread title. If you’re an Outverse admin, you don’t need to do anything: all URLs will automatically redirect to their new location. We’ve also improved the way we handle title tags for individual threads so they now reflect the contents of discussions.

Video embeds

Video files can now be natively embedded within Outverse forums. Forums will accept all major video file types up to 1GB in size. To add a video embed, simply select the video embed option from the / formatting menu when creating a thread or reply.

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved performance within forums

  • [Accessibility] Alt attribute is now mandatory for all images

  • Fixed an alignment issue re image preview on small devices

  • Fixed a bug to enable all labels to be removed from a space

  • Fixed a bug where users could occasionally not click through within the search modal

  • Fixed an issue with button disabling within the create channel modal

  • Fixed a browser shortcut clash when copying a reply URL

  • Fixed a visual issue with the date/time input field

  • Fixed a bug where the Home forum activity feed was topping at 50 threads

  • Fixed a bug where content library images where loading with incorrect aspect ration on certain browsers

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New changelog: Forum labels, user-level channel permissions & thread shortcuts

Product release notes: 02 August, 2023

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Forum labelling

Labels are now available within all community spaces and can be used to organize, filter and search within forums. You can create new labels in your community settings and can specify whether forums have labels active within your channel settings. Within forums (and the home index view) you can now filter be able to filter by labels. We'll be adding further functionality soon, including:

  • Specifying specific labels to specific forums

  • Adding the ability to gate the labelling permission within forums to particular roles/users

Per-user channel permissions

Channel permissions can now be set at the user level (in addition to the custom role level). This includes:

  • Gating channel access & visibility to specific users

  • Gating intra-forum permissions (e.g. thread creation, reply creation) to specific users

  • Private channels will display users who have access in the top bar for easy visibility

Thread keyboard navigation

We’ve improved keyboard navigation on the thread view within Outverse forums. Additional keyboard shortcuts/actions:

  • Up / Down: navigates through replies (if none focused, will focus first reply)

  • Enter: open reply side panel

  • C: copy link of reply

  • E: edit reply (if author of reply)

  • ⇧R: open reply modal to reply to thread (i.e. create a reply)

  • R: open reply modal to reply to a reply (i.e. create a nested reply)

  • ⇧T: toggle visibility of nested replies (if any)

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug where search was not functional within the forum switcher dropdown when composing a thread

  • Fixed a bug where items in doc contents where not truncating

  • Improved label UI on mobile

  • Fixed a big where admins where not showing in member directory search results

  • Fixed a big where advanced blocks where occasionally accessible in the thread composer

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New changelog: Improved keyboard navigation in forums + more granular object timestamps

Product release notes: 14 July, 2023

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Keyboard navigation on forums

Outverse forums are now keyboard navigable, with increased keyboard shortcuts. When on a forum (including the Home view), you can now hit the down arrow on your keyboard to navigate through threads. Hit enter to navigate directly to the thread, C to copy the link, or E to edit (if you have the required permission to do so). Stay tuned for more on this soon.

Mor granular timestamps

We've added more granular timestamps across Outverse objects for improved line-of-sight and reporting. Hovering over any timestamp in Outverse will now display a detailed date/time.

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a search-related bug in the # dropdown menu

  • Added ⇧J shortcut for joining a community

  • Improved handling of expired session tokens

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Outverse AI: Semantic relationships between discussions <> docs

Leveraging LLMs is a core part of the Outverse vision in building knowledge rich ecosystems for software communities. Our team has been hard at work over the past months working on a number of knowledge retrieval and team workflow features, powered by AI.

Our latest AI release means that all knowledge items within Outverse (including forum OPs, replies, and docs) now show other semantically related items in their right-hand side panel.

To view any object's semantic relations – simply open the right-hand side panel using the expand <> collapse icon or ⇧P.

Multiple objects from the same discussion will be grouped together to help with context management and orientation as you surf Outverse spaces.

More on the way...

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Entering open access and announcing our $6m seed round

Today, we’re taking Outverse into open access, and announcing our $6m seed round to help product companies build better community ecosystems. You can snow sign up and start building on Outverse:

Open access and beyond

We’ve been building Outverse in closed beta for the past year, and are hugely appreciative of all the feature suggestions and bug reports we’ve received from the community.

Please keep this feedback coming as we enter open access, and know that it’s extremely helpful to us when you ask questions – it helps us build a better product, and shines a light on things that could be made more intuitive.

Outverse is free for the duration of our Open Beta. We expect to move out of this phase in November 2023, at which time we’ll introduce our paid plans (though there will still be a free plan available). See what to expect from pricing.

Announcing our $6m seed round

We’re huge believers in community-led growth, and we’re on a mission to update the infrastructure that powers these community ecosystems. Learn more about our vision for a community-led future in our announcement post, or read today’s Techcrunch writeup.

Hello to our new members

If you’re new to Outverse: welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself over in — we’d love to hear what you’re working on and what you’d like to see from Outverse.

– Team Outverse

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New changelog: Cross-forum index view

Product release notes: 10 July, 2023

Read the full changelog here

Cross-forum index view

We've evolved the space home view to be a cross-forum index. Team and community members can now view all forum activity and apply cross-forum filters and other display options directly from the Home view.

Improved syntax highlighting

We've updated embedded code blocks to supporr more types of rich syntax highlighting. Type ``` followed by the language utilise this markdown block.

const express = require("express");
const bodyParser = require("body-parser");
const app = express();
const port = 3000;

// Parse the request body

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug where doc titles were occasionally double-updating

  • Added lightbox modal to images and GIFs within forums and docs

  • Updated member gallery card UI

  • Added shortcut to expand<>collapse the right-hand side panel (⇧P)

  • Improved performance on the member gallery view

  • Fixed a perpetual loading state issue on notifications tabs

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New changelog: Custom domains & SSR

Product release notes: 16 June, 2023

Read the full changelog here

Custom domains

Custom subdomains are now live – community spaces can now exist at your own subdomain e.g. – with custom root domains arriving later this year. To set up a custom domain – send us an email at with your community name and requested custom subdomain.

Our team will be in touch quickly to confirm your custom domain has been setup & verified.

Once you've requested a subdomain, you'll need to go to your domain host’s platform (e.g. Google Domains, Cloudflare) and set up a new CNAME record. When adding a CNAME record, transfer the exact Host/Name and Target/Value information copied from your community’s custom domain settings and paste it into the CNAME record editor to avoid errors.

You can read more about custom domains in our support doc here: .

Server-side-rendering (SSR)

We're rolling out SSR across the Outverse app in preparation for our optimized SEO indexing functionality that is arriving soon. The recent SSR changes have improved performance across key parts of the Outverse app and also introduced micro-features including custom favicons and page titles.

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug where edited thread posts where not rendering updated markdown

  • Fixed a bug where custom role permission toggles were non-operational

  • Improved search behavior in multi-select dropdowns across the app

  • Fixed a bug within knowledge base docs where occasionally doc editor markdown headings were not editable

  • Improved icon button accessibility across the app

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New changelog: Knowledge base documentation, favoriting objects & improved thread nesting

Product release notes: 30 May, 2023

Read the full changelog here

Knowledge bases documentation

v1 of the native Outverse documentation suite is now live. Teams can now set up a knowledge base within their Outverse community – which is comprehensively searchable and reference-able from anywhere within Outverse. Enabling a knowledge base is done via your Community Settings > Knowledge Base – from which teams can specify enable and name their Knowledge Base.

Once enabled, teams are able to create folders and documents whilst also specifying document access, permissions and authors. Documents can be easily referenced/mentioned within community channels by hitting # followed by selecting the document they'd like to mention.

Here's an example of some Outverse documents in action: or .

Improved thread nesting

We've updated the way in which nested replies within threads display in community forums.

User favorites

All users (both community members and teams) can now pin their own favorites to their sidebar. This enables you to have quick access to items that you frequently use or are particularly interested in tracking the progress of. Currently, the following items can be added as a favorite:

  • Forum channels

  • Threads (both discussion and Q&A)

  • Documents

To add an item to your favorites, use one of the More actions dropdown menus associated with the item and select the Favorite item option. Favorites can be removed by following this same process.

Internal team badges

Users with a community team role (such as Admins) will now display a community team icon next to their name – helping better identify them within forums and other community channels.

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the community color was being incorrectly referenced

  • Improved community creation experience

  • New communities are now created with a default template to assist with onboarding

  • Improved tooltip accessibility across the app

  • Fixed a bug where images where occasionally not be rendered in thread OPs

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New changelog: Switching forums & customizable text highlighting

Product release notes: 23 Jan, 2023

Read the full changelog here

Switching forums during composition

You can now change the forum you are posting to when composing a thread via the forum switcher component within the reply composer. This can also be used by community admins to change the forum that a thread sits in for moderation purposes.

Customizable text colors & highlighting

Text within forums and documents can now be colored and/or highlighted using the text formatting menu. Custom text styling is automatically optimized for both light & dark modes.

Tip: text within callout blocks can also be attributed with custom colors & highlighting

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug were auto-scrolling within thread pages was occasionally not operational

  • Fixed minor content overflow issue in the member peek panel

  • Fixed a visual bug where the 'Admin' role badge was not automatically showing in permissions lists (visual only)

  • Fixed a visual backdrop-blur issue on Firefox browser

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New changelog entry: Profile peeks, community CTA & author badges

Product release notes: 05 Jan, 2023

Read the full changelog here

Member profile peeks

Version one of member profile peeks are now available in Outverse. Click a community member’s name to bring up the profile peek – within which you can view their recent activity along with additional member information & links. You can also filter member activity based on the forum or thread you are viewing. We’ve got more functionality coming to profile peeks over the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Community CTA

Communities can now add a call to action to their community sidebar via their community settings. When adding a community CTA, you’ll have the option to set a tag, image and URL.

Author badges

Replies within threads from original thread author (OP) will now show an “Author” badge for easier identification and contest management within threads.

Improvements & fixes

  • Added lock icon identifier next to private spaces in community sidebar

  • Polished styling of ‘Reply’ buttons on thread interface

  • Polished styling of thread badges

  • Fixed a bug where lock, pin, hide thread options were not displaying in the thread dropdown on the thread page

  • Fixed a bug where focus mode was occasionally not loading when composing a reply

  • Polished styling of all dark-mode modals

  • Improved loading state for all embed blocks within the text editor

  • Improved accessibility on forum interface compact view

  • Fixed a bug where member profile peek was incorrectly ordering recent activity list

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Advanced channel permissions

Private forums & spaces

Private spaces let you create channels visible to select members in your community (based on their community role). The space and all of its content will only be visible to specified community roles (admins will always have access).

You can also specify permissions within a channel, including which roles can create threads and replies within each forum.

Admins and any roles with the manage-community permission in the community can create new private channels or make an existing channels private.


To create a new private channel, open the Create channel modal and Select the ‘Private’ visibility option. You can then specify which roles will be able to see and access the channel.

To make an existing channel private or vice versa, go to Edit channel **and update visibility settings.

Hiding threads

Community admins can now hide threads within forums instead of deleting them. This gives admins another moderation tool within forums. To hide a thread as an admin, simply click the "..." on a thread and select the 'Hide thread' option.

Updated community switcher

We’ve removed the sidebar and replaced it with our new community switcher.

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved space creation flow

  • Fixed a bug where unnamed custom roles were being hidden

  • Improved mobile layout for space creation UI

  • Updated community cover image placement

  • Updated icon designs across the app

  • Updated top bar format & design within communities

  • Updated design for space mentions/embeds

  • Fixed a bug where community cover images could not be removed by admins

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