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New changelog: Switching forums & customizable text highlighting

Product release notes: 23 Jan, 2023

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Switching forums during composition

You can now change the forum you are posting to when composing a thread via the forum switcher component within the reply composer. This can also be used by community admins to change the forum that a thread sits in for moderation purposes.

Customizable text colors & highlighting

Text within forums and documents can now be colored and/or highlighted using the text formatting menu. Custom text styling is automatically optimized for both light & dark modes.

Tip: text within callout blocks can also be attributed with custom colors & highlighting

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug were auto-scrolling within thread pages was occasionally not operational

  • Fixed minor content overflow issue in the member peek panel

  • Fixed a visual bug where the 'Admin' role badge was not automatically showing in permissions lists (visual only)

  • Fixed a visual backdrop-blur issue on Firefox browser

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