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New changelog entry: Profile peeks, community CTA & author badges

Product release notes: 05 Jan, 2023

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Member profile peeks

Version one of member profile peeks are now available in Outverse. Click a community member’s name to bring up the profile peek – within which you can view their recent activity along with additional member information & links. You can also filter member activity based on the forum or thread you are viewing. We’ve got more functionality coming to profile peeks over the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Community CTA

Communities can now add a call to action to their community sidebar via their community settings. When adding a community CTA, you’ll have the option to set a tag, image and URL.

Author badges

Replies within threads from original thread author (OP) will now show an “Author” badge for easier identification and contest management within threads.

Improvements & fixes

  • Added lock icon identifier next to private spaces in community sidebar

  • Polished styling of ‘Reply’ buttons on thread interface

  • Polished styling of thread badges

  • Fixed a bug where lock, pin, hide thread options were not displaying in the thread dropdown on the thread page

  • Fixed a bug where focus mode was occasionally not loading when composing a reply

  • Polished styling of all dark-mode modals

  • Improved loading state for all embed blocks within the text editor

  • Improved accessibility on forum interface compact view

  • Fixed a bug where member profile peek was incorrectly ordering recent activity list

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