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3mo ago

Wordpress Integration

Is there any provision for integrating Outverse with a WordPress site? This is much prettier than anything I've seen on WP!

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5mo ago

"In this doc" does not follow when scrolling - makes it harder to use to navigate longer pages

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5mo ago

Notification/unread | I find it a little hard to see that there is a new post in the channel now

The light grey overlay on the text is not sufficient for me to see that there is a new thread/comment in a channel. Is this something you are working on?

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5mo ago

Would like to add hyperlinks to Events - both as "Location" and in the "About this Event"

We are using MS Teams Events for the actual events with our users, and would like to add to that register page in our Community Event.

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7mo ago

Slow performance while navigating - Any plans to improve this?


We are considering Outverse for our product. We really like its features.

However, we are experiencing slow performance and this is a blocker for us. For example, moving between the channel and the channel takes approximately 4 seconds.

Are there any plans in the short term to drastically improve this? (Ideally from 4 seconds down to under 1 second)

Thanks a lot!

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7mo ago

Would love the opportunity to have more direct links under "Explore"

We are currently routing to our Help Center, but have some other links we would like to make easily accessible to our users. Our reasoning behind routing to Help Center is to ensure the community does not become a support or bug reporting place for our customers (as we have other systems for that)

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8mo ago

Additional Member information on the Member card

Have you considered asking your members for additional information to be added to the user dimension?

We would like Company and Role to be data points for community members to quickly check about each other

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9mo ago

User level permissions for a channel

Are there any plans to support granular, user-level permissions for an individual channel? For example, the way that Slack allows you to decide who gets access to a particular channel, or not. Would be great to control access on a per user basis. Some of our users have issues, or many conversations that they wouldn't want to share with the broader community, however they would need to communicate with us about them, and we'd love to be able to do that in outverse.

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9mo ago

Change Forum within New Post

Hi there,

Just some product feedback, I noticed that creating a new post/thread and when clicking on the current Forum's name it will list out all other channels there are available.

I think this would be more appealing if we can either:

A. Set this to show the Channel Group name in addition to all the forum names, right now there's no distinct way to see which channel these forums in the list belong too.

B. Add in a setting for the community owner to either enable/disable, where it will only show a list of current forums within that channel's group.

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9mo ago


Hi there,

I love the overall look, feel and design of the current system. Is there any plans to allow further customization that allows each community owner to change and enhance how their community looks?

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10mo ago

A quick bug walk and a feature request or two

Hi there!

I've been exploring Outverse today trying to see if it would fit some of my use cases and I ran into a few bugs. I also had a few feature requests/questions.


  • When you create a new community role, there's no way to toggle the permissions settings (e.g. 'manage sessions', 'manage forum spaces', etc). I clicked the toggles and they just... don't do anything. Tested in chrome and firefox.

  • When you create a new role and don't set a name, it says "Add members to null role"

  • When a user has joined a community but hasn't had email verified yet, they show up as undefined in the list of members

  • When you register a new account using email (i.e. none of the oauth things, just straight up email), I have yet to receive a verification email. I was only able to login with the "login with google" button, but never a regular signup. I tested this multiple times, and it never worked for me. I get other emails from Outverse (like the new community member notifications) but not verification emails. edit: I did eventually receive them, but it was hours later.

  • When you register a new account using email, the admin of the community gets a new member notification, before their email is verified. This isn't exactly a bug, but it is slightly misleading imo.

  • okay, this isn't a bug, but... it took me awhile to figure out how to exit the settings for the space. escape doesn't do anything, and the little gray X was off my screen (because I had scrolled down). I don't know how many times I tried to click on the gear icon to get out of the settings but... it was a lot. See my pain:

    What I wish it was instead (e.g. when you click the name it just... closes settings):

  • If you click the thing to mark a reply as the answer to a thread, and click "cancel", you can't click it again without refreshing the page (only tested in firefox).

  • Invite emails are slightly malformed:

Feature requests

  • I would love a way to embed code from something like codepen, stackblitz, etc like I can embed youtube videos. If I could /stackblitz with the embed link that would be very slick and would make it so I could use Outverse as a documentation resource. Not sure if that fits your current target customer base though.

  • Home pages in new communities should reaaaally start with some placeholder content to give an idea of what's possible. A blank page looks broken.

  • Webhooks would be a LOT more useful (to me) if I could configure how the data is sent, or if I could append a key/value pair or two. Really I want it to just ping a discord channel (which have built in webhook endpoints) but the content has to have a specific key in the payload (it's something like {"message": ...} at its most basic). This would enable me to have a dedicated discord channel on my phone that pings me any time a community member posts/replies/etc etc etc.

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1y ago

🙏 Open Source & Self Hosting 💖


I'm Alice, a software developer and engineering director out here in Seattle. I love Outverse so far and I think it has major potential. However perhaps y'all are missing an essential ingredient to its growth, ethos, and direction.

Open source by its nature is a community building activity that would seem to fit perfectly with what your doing here. Would it not be better to have a community building tool built by a community?

This relates directly to my plea for Self Hosting. It's hard to make a major investment in a resource with the knowledge that one day it may disappear. This is the single factor that prevents me from building with Outverse at my current organization. I imagine that many will face the same dilemma.

I hope that your team can spot the opportunity to build something together that stands apart from all the other proprietary software competing for our time.

Thanks <3


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1y ago

Two feature ideas

Hey, guys! I hope you're all doing fine and the ideas below help you somehow. Thanks for being open and having me here.

Feature idea 1: trust levels

This idea is based on a Discourse Forum feature which I've seen being used in a writers community called Critique Circle. Basically, trust levels (in this link here) allow you to add points for each kind of interaction and reach a trust level after you execute a combination of actions in the community (in Critique Circle, for example, you can only post a text of yours for people to comment after you have commented on two other texts, and every text you post "costs" two comments).

Feature idea 2: spaces within spaces

This idea is based on Notion's pages and on Windows folders. It's a great way to get hyper organized with threads. In a course with different modules, for example, you could have one Group for the course as a whole; within it one space for each module; and within each module space a few subspaces for specific kinds of discussion (e.g.: 1. for the studens to share references they remembered in consequence of having attended that specific module, each reference a thread of its own; 2. for sharing work asked by the teacher in that module; 3. for the teacher to share specific documents etc.)

Another solution (they are not excludent, I guess, but I don't know if they serve different purposes) is the use of hashtags not as a way to mention spaces, as it is today, but as a way to organize categories of content. If I'm posting a reference within the Module A space, I'll write #reference somewhere in the post, and the platform will allow me to filter what I want to see through the hashtags either used or predefined for that specific space or group. I just remembered Discord has this feature (they also allow you to demand users to add a tag before they publish):

I just realized this could be achieved now through opening multiple groups for each course (one for references; one for students production etc.), one for each category of content, and then, within the category group, a space for each module. I guess it will work (which already is a great insight for me haha), but I see two issues:

  1. this makes it hard to cross all the knowledge and discussions generated around each module

  2. it will probably make for a very large side menu, with many groups and spaces always "viewable" (especially for someone who has access to more than one course, for example, since this persons rolls and permissions won't automatically hide part of the community).

If you guys know another hack for this, I'll be glad to hear.

3. An amazing find

I lost my internet connection after writing a lot here, before publishing this thread, and freezed thinking I'd probably lost everything. When the connection was restablished, I clicked to write a new thread and everything had been preserved from eternal oblivion. Thaaanks! :D

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1y ago

Feedback on recent build

Hey there - really loving following along as you deploy updates. I've tinkered with every community platform you can imagine (Tribe, Circle, Discourse, and every forum software available) and I am particularly impressed with your design choices thus far.

I see on the homepage your target audiece appears to be "Community infrastructure for product led companies. Designed for modern teams & products. Kick-start & scale your community discussions, feedback & knowledge base on Outverse." Tell me a bit more about this choice as a target audience? Are you selling to companies, community builders, social influencers 👀, somewhere in between?

User Experience

The good

  • User profiles look excellent on web app - keep them simple. Consider building some way to rate users - an ability to give another user feedback or some other gamification system. This will help with user retention and engagement, which your competitors fail at.

  • Link outs in the sidebar menu look great. Consider instead of making the user upload the icon, perhaps you can select from an open source collection similar to how you react with emojis. I actually have to download a Twitter icon to then upload.

  • Advance blocks are awesome and improve the user experience. Consider including more of these pre-built, purpose built blocks that improve the user experience. One note, I can add the advanced blocks to my Homepage experience but when trying to add the "Member Feature" block to my FAQ SPACE, it's unavailabe.

  • Tagging the Space/Forum looks fucking great.

The bad

  • Notficiations are still to obscure and hidden. This may be heavily debated but I am unsure I'd look where they are currently located. Consider a menu within user settings that allows the user to be precise in their notification desire. Have that tie back to a traditional notifications icon on the header. My opinion - hiding it as a tab within the specific forum space put its out of sight and out of mind.

  • Theme toggling is not particularly easy for a basic user to find - Consider adding a "lightswitch" at the bottom of the left sidebar menu.

  • Community avatar transparency isn't working in all areas See below.

The ugly

  • Mobile - I think this is a priority down the road but I'd call the current mobile UI/UX as, well, leaving a lot to be desired.

  • Filters in the Members area.

Wishlist / Brain Dump

  • What are your plans for chat? Discourse recently priortized in their latest production build.

  • Social Login?

  • More than 1 call to action - what if I want to Link the community Twitter and Github?

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1y ago

Replies turned off in


Come on dudes - let me loose.

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1y ago

User profiles

Really digging these as a right sidebar. In addition to the other UX/UI enhancements. The forum nav sidebar enhancements have improved navigation significantly.

I would highly suggest a traditional text editor menu bar in post and replies. As seen below. Additionally, any reason why I can't control V an image from the clipboard into the post?

Keep it up - I'm thoroughly enjoying watching you build.

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1y ago

How to allow members to reply in the forum?

Hi ,

I have just set up my community with few members invited and added to the first space. I have also create a welcome and introductions forum channel. I have assigned permissions for the members to respond to threads in the forum. But they are unable to do it. Could you please help?

Is there something am missing? Thank you🙏

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2y ago

My first request... are there plans for a Vimeo block?

My first Outverse will be private and some of the videos I want to share will have the "private" setting enabled on my Vimeo account. I should be able to add the Outverse domain OR the custom domain of the community to the Vimeo videos' settings to allow them to embed and play within the posts here. This is how I do it on Webflow based websites and it keeps the access to that content nice and secure 👍🏻. I'd be a happy tester for you on this block.

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2y ago

Way to reach our community members?

Is there any way yet to collect the email addresses of our members, or sync with something like zapier so they get tagged in ConvertKit? It still seems like there is no way to collectively (or individually) reach out to current members. I am hesitant to share my community beyond my alpha testers for this reason.

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2y ago


Would there be the possibility to include the option for text translation for posts? The community I am planning would like to bring together two groups, travellers (multi-lingual but using English to varying levels) and residents in a tourist location speaking Indonesian and it is the latter we want to feel welcome to be a part of the community and participate in their language which others can translate into English (or their own language of preference). I'm not talking about the platform having all its various links and buttons translated but just to have the option for post content to be translated like it is on Facebook for example.

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