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New changelog: Search engine indexing & video embeds

Product release notes: 13 September, 2023

Read the full changelog here

We’ve been working on making Outverse more accessible to search engines – meaning discussions and documentation within your Outverse space will be more accessible via organic search.

This release changes the way we render content in Outverse. Ultimately, this now means that individual pages can be indexed by search engines. This begins with public forums, with knowledge base doc indexing coming shortly.

We’ve also given URLs an update so they’re easier for humans and search engines to read: Outverse content now uses clean URLs that include the forum name and the thread title. If you’re an Outverse admin, you don’t need to do anything: all URLs will automatically redirect to their new location. We’ve also improved the way we handle title tags for individual threads so they now reflect the contents of discussions.

Video embeds

Video files can now be natively embedded within Outverse forums. Forums will accept all major video file types up to 1GB in size. To add a video embed, simply select the video embed option from the / formatting menu when creating a thread or reply.

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved performance within forums

  • [Accessibility] Alt attribute is now mandatory for all images

  • Fixed an alignment issue re image preview on small devices

  • Fixed a bug to enable all labels to be removed from a space

  • Fixed a bug where users could occasionally not click through within the search modal

  • Fixed an issue with button disabling within the create channel modal

  • Fixed a browser shortcut clash when copying a reply URL

  • Fixed a visual issue with the date/time input field

  • Fixed a bug where the Home forum activity feed was topping at 50 threads

  • Fixed a bug where content library images where loading with incorrect aspect ration on certain browsers

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