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Changing only the caption or page/category inside gallery blocks is not recognized as a document change, unable to save

"no changes detected"

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SSO, IFrame, and Auth questions

Hey Ollie and team! It’s been a while since I’ve hopped on outverse, but I noticed rive using it so I thought I’d poke around again.

some things we would require in order to use outverse would be:

  • SSO and authentication to allow our current users access without signing in again

  • an integration with clerk to solve the above if possible

  • the ability to embed our community directly in our website as well as our electron application

what is the status of these items and if not complete, are they on a roadmap anywhere?

thanks, and love what you guys are doing. Keep up the great work!

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New changelog: Documentation sections, forum grid view & more

Product release notes: 23 Feb, 2024

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Docs sections

You can create 'sections' within your knowledge base for an additional layer of hierarchy and organization. Sections can contain both documents and categories and can be easily reordered in the sidebar via drag-and-drop, along with the items within them.

Forum grid view

We've added a new format/view option to Forums – further extended their flexibility and utility. The forum grid/gallery view enables a more visual representation of forum activity.

Teams can specify which view options are available in each forum via the channel settings.

Maximize thread height

You can now specify individual threads to not truncate when in Expanded forum view, locking the card to show the entire thread content. This is particularly useful in announcement/changelog forums, enabling users to browse the entirety of announcements directly on the forum page (without navigating into the thread view itself).

Team members can maximize a thread card's height via the ... dropdown on the thread card.

Improvements & fixes

  • Teams can now specify a light and dark mode custom icon variant for channels

  • Improved accessibility of forum & thread notification options

  • Hovering an emoji reaction will now show the list of reacting users

  • Fixed a bug where in certain scenarios the @ mention menu was returning an empty user list

  • Fixed a bug where the color picker for custom role badges was not rendering in workspace settings

  • Fixed a bug where occasionally a new doc was being created when the knowledge base route domain was loaded by a team member

  • Fixed an overflow bug in the table editor block

  • All hyperlinks in a workspace are now themed to the workspace's accent color

  • Improved UI styling for custom roles badges

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500 server error

When I want to switch workspaces from my org to Outverse's one, I get a 500 error. It only works after I refresh and login again.

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Can't tag users

Hi all, I can't tag any users in a thread

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New changelog: Private team labels + custom channel icons

Product release notes: 06 Feb, 2024

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Private labels

You'll can now create private labels within your Outverse workspace. Private labels can:

  • Only be added to threads by team members

  • Only be seen on threads / filtered for by team members

Private labels will appear with a lock icon next to them, so team members will be able to easily differentiate them from normal labels. To create a private label, head over to Workspace settings > Community > Labels and create / edit a label. When editing a label, toggle between normal and private mode using the eye<>lock icon button.

Custom channel icons

You'll now be able to upload a custom icon (we suggest an SVG) for each channel, which will display instead of the default icon in the sidebar and also other places across your workspace.

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved user experience for workspace admins on custom domains

  • Fixed a bug where the labels page in workspace settings was occasionally not loading all label content

  • Fixed a bug in the gallery block when deleting the final row

  • Improved styling for thread solutions UI

  • Improved styling for unpublished docs UI

  • Improved build size and chunking

  • Added an optional noindex flag to prevent all content indexing (including public content)

  • Fixed a bug where the OpenGraph image preview in workspace settings was not rendering correctly

  • Improved styling in docs sidepanel UI

  • Improved styling and accessibility of callout block UI

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User not receiving Verification Email

Hey Outverse!

We got a report from one of our users that he's not getting a verification email. I asked him to check spam etc but turns up empty no matter how much he requests a new email. We also removed him and added him again in the workspace but no change. Can provide the user details in DM.


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New changelog: File embeds & reader-optimized view

Product release notes: 24 January, 2024

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File embeds

Files can now be embedded in both docs and forums within Outverse. To add embed a file – simply drag the file into the composer. You can then further drag & drop the file to position it wherever you'd like. Outverse supports all major file types.

Reader-optimized view

Teams can now specify whether their forum channels show in full width or reader-optimized width by default. Users can easily update their own preferences using the Display controls within forum channels.

To set a default view option in your workspace, head to Workspace settings > Community Settings and use the 'Default forum view' toggle.

Improvements & fixes

  • Increased number of optional external links in navigation top bar from 1 to 3

  • Fixed a bug where doc titles where showing a delay upon update

  • Fixed a bug where the workspace notifications modal was flashing upon first open

  • Fixed a bug where knowledge base categories where resetting order upon drag-and-drop

  • Improved callout block component design

  • Improved scroll interaction when deep-linking to specific replies in forums

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/image and /video not working

I have been trying to upload images and actual videos - when I do so, the input pane freezes, i can no longer type/do anything, can't even see the cursor. Any help would be much appreciated!

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OpenGraph image not showing

The opengraph image has successfully been uploaded (I can check the link preview on other websites), but on my setting it's not displaying

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Thoroughly Impressed!

I am thoroughly impressed by Outverse. Keep up the great work!

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Wordpress Integration

Is there any provision for integrating Outverse with a WordPress site? This is much prettier than anything I've seen on WP!

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New changelog: Table components & team doc drafts

Product release notes: 04 January, 2024

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Table components

You can now added informational tables to your docs in Outverse. Tables can be added by opening the / formatting menu and selecting the Table option.Use tables to display information to your customers in a structured way and can anything added to them, including code blocks, images, and videos.

You can read more about formatting components in our doc here: .

Team doc drafts

Knowledge base document drafts are now saved team-wide (as opposed to locally per user) – enabling better collaboration on doc authoring and editing within teams.

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug where team logo was not showing next to non-admin team members

  • Fixed a bug where a double tooltip was displaying on the RHS panel's [expand<>collapse] icon button

  • Improved reply composer UI to prevent thread content being blocked

  • Improved navigation UX within settings interfaces

  • Fixed a bug where thread card height was jumping on first forum page load

  • Fixed a bug in the create workspace form

  • Improved SSR performance within forums

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Analytics and custom domain

Hey Outverse team - we would like to adopt Outverse for changelog and community however we need 2 things: deployment under custom domain (even subdirectory if possible) and analytics in terms of visits and clicks. I can just put a Plausible.js config into the website but don't see that option under the product

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New changelog: Performance improvements + interface/UX polish

Product release notes: 19 December, 2023

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Upgraded performance

We've made a number of changes that have significantly improved Outverse performance across the app. You should now experience improved performance when loading and navigating channels & documents – and also when filtering content/threads within channels. We’ve significantly improved load times in channels by:

  • Better optimizing the sequencing of essential vs non-essential data requests

  • Switching to server-side rendering to load data in faster

  • Reducing the number of loading states across the app

New emoji picker

We've been working on a number of UX / usability improvements to end the year. As part of this, we've built a new emoji picker from the ground up, inclusive of:

  • Hover for a quick-view list of favorites / recents

  • Compact <> expanded picker size for higher density viewport

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the Overview section of workspace settings

  • Added H1 tag to thread titles to improve indexing

  • Fixed a bug where the reply composer was not auto-focussing when opened

  • Fixed a bug where thread annotations where not rendering upon initial page load

  • Fixed a bug where the reply list avatar stack was not showing skeleton loading state

  • Fixed a height issue with the small variant of image embeds

  • Fixed a bug where the upload state spinner was not showing for video uploads

  • Improved styling on channel inline mentiones (e.g. )

  • Added < navigation icon button to user and workspace settings for improved navigation

  • Fixed a bug where occasionally doc drafts where not saving across users

  • Fixed a big where the reply composer would occasionally obstruct thread content when open

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Can't change logo

Good afternoon, I'm trying to change the logo and branding of our space, but nothing is happening when I click "update". This is my space: https://app.outverse.com/verisian/settings/general/overview

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Members don't show on first click

Hey Team -

I've noticed that when first clicking the Members page, it only shows the two admins. I have to refresh before it shows the full list of members. Is this a feature or a bug? Would be good to see everyone first go


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Quick question: can community members copy paste text from docs? Or are there some ways to protect your community resources and content from plagiarism?

Just the headline

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Hi is there a simple way to export Notion pages into Outverse documents?

Most of my writing is on Notion and I'd like to copy paste but emojis disappear.

I feel Outverse was coded in a similar style to Notion so wondering if there is a specific way to content?

Thanks for building this platform :)

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