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Entering open access and announcing our $6m seed round

Today, we’re taking Outverse into open access, and announcing our $6m seed round to help product companies build better community ecosystems. You can snow sign up and start building on Outverse:

Open access and beyond

We’ve been building Outverse in closed beta for the past year, and are hugely appreciative of all the feature suggestions and bug reports we’ve received from the community.

Please keep this feedback coming as we enter open access, and know that it’s extremely helpful to us when you ask questions – it helps us build a better product, and shines a light on things that could be made more intuitive.

Outverse is free for the duration of our Open Beta. We expect to move out of this phase in November 2023, at which time we’ll introduce our paid plans (though there will still be a free plan available). See what to expect from pricing.

Announcing our $6m seed round

We’re huge believers in community-led growth, and we’re on a mission to update the infrastructure that powers these community ecosystems. Learn more about our vision for a community-led future in our announcement post, or read today’s Techcrunch writeup.

Hello to our new members

If you’re new to Outverse: welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself over in — we’d love to hear what you’re working on and what you’d like to see from Outverse.

– Team Outverse

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Super excited, feels amazing to be able to help with even just a part of the journey thus far!

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I'm thrilled to be a part of this. Welcome to all our new members—please feel free to introduce yourselves and share your thoughts. Your valuable feedback helps us improve. Thank you for your support and dedication as we continue to grow together!

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So excited to be doing this, and with such an amazing team. 🫶

To echo what said, please do be forthcoming with questions! We'd love to hear your thoughts as you're exploring Outverse and building your communities.

Looking forward to seeing some new faces in 🤩

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Good Job Team Outverse