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New changelog: Custom domains & SSR

Product release notes: 16 June, 2023

Read the full changelog here

Custom domains

Custom subdomains are now live – community spaces can now exist at your own subdomain e.g. community.domain.com – with custom root domains arriving later this year. To set up a custom domain – send us an email at hello@outverse.com with your community name and requested custom subdomain.

Our team will be in touch quickly to confirm your custom domain has been setup & verified.

Once you've requested a subdomain, you'll need to go to your domain host’s platform (e.g. Google Domains, Cloudflare) and set up a new CNAME record. When adding a CNAME record, transfer the exact Host/Name and Target/Value information copied from your community’s custom domain settings and paste it into the CNAME record editor to avoid errors.

You can read more about custom domains in our support doc here: .

Server-side-rendering (SSR)

We're rolling out SSR across the Outverse app in preparation for our optimized SEO indexing functionality that is arriving soon. The recent SSR changes have improved performance across key parts of the Outverse app and also introduced micro-features including custom favicons and page titles.

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug where edited thread posts where not rendering updated markdown

  • Fixed a bug where custom role permission toggles were non-operational

  • Improved search behavior in multi-select dropdowns across the app

  • Fixed a bug within knowledge base docs where occasionally doc editor markdown headings were not editable

  • Improved icon button accessibility across the app

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huge! nice work