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Advanced channel permissions

Private forums & spaces

Private spaces let you create channels visible to select members in your community (based on their community role). The space and all of its content will only be visible to specified community roles (admins will always have access).

You can also specify permissions within a channel, including which roles can create threads and replies within each forum.

Admins and any roles with the manage-community permission in the community can create new private channels or make an existing channels private.


To create a new private channel, open the Create channel modal and Select the ‘Private’ visibility option. You can then specify which roles will be able to see and access the channel.

To make an existing channel private or vice versa, go to Edit channel **and update visibility settings.

Hiding threads

Community admins can now hide threads within forums instead of deleting them. This gives admins another moderation tool within forums. To hide a thread as an admin, simply click the "..." on a thread and select the 'Hide thread' option.

Updated community switcher

We’ve removed the sidebar and replaced it with our new community switcher.

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved space creation flow

  • Fixed a bug where unnamed custom roles were being hidden

  • Improved mobile layout for space creation UI

  • Updated community cover image placement

  • Updated icon designs across the app

  • Updated top bar format & design within communities

  • Updated design for space mentions/embeds

  • Fixed a bug where community cover images could not be removed by admins

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Any thoughts on creating private content within post that works off of the permission system? I think this is a potential monetization play once communities get to the point of wanting to incentivize membership (or paid membership).

1y ago

We've experimented with this a little internally – but ultimately decided against intra-post permission granularity in the short term.

Interestingly, we're trying focus on how we can help surface and cross-link interesting member-generated content as a big priority at the moment!