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New changelog: File embeds & reader-optimized view

Product release notes: 24 January, 2024

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File embeds

Files can now be embedded in both docs and forums within Outverse. To add embed a file – simply drag the file into the composer. You can then further drag & drop the file to position it wherever you'd like. Outverse supports all major file types.

Reader-optimized view

Teams can now specify whether their forum channels show in full width or reader-optimized width by default. Users can easily update their own preferences using the Display controls within forum channels.

To set a default view option in your workspace, head to Workspace settings > Community Settings and use the 'Default forum view' toggle.

Improvements & fixes

  • Increased number of optional external links in navigation top bar from 1 to 3

  • Fixed a bug where doc titles where showing a delay upon update

  • Fixed a bug where the workspace notifications modal was flashing upon first open

  • Fixed a bug where knowledge base categories where resetting order upon drag-and-drop

  • Improved callout block component design

  • Improved scroll interaction when deep-linking to specific replies in forums

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