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New changelog: Forum labels, user-level channel permissions & thread shortcuts

Product release notes: 02 August, 2023

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Forum labelling

Labels are now available within all community spaces and can be used to organize, filter and search within forums. You can create new labels in your community settings and can specify whether forums have labels active within your channel settings. Within forums (and the home index view) you can now filter be able to filter by labels. We'll be adding further functionality soon, including:

  • Specifying specific labels to specific forums

  • Adding the ability to gate the labelling permission within forums to particular roles/users

Per-user channel permissions

Channel permissions can now be set at the user level (in addition to the custom role level). This includes:

  • Gating channel access & visibility to specific users

  • Gating intra-forum permissions (e.g. thread creation, reply creation) to specific users

  • Private channels will display users who have access in the top bar for easy visibility

Thread keyboard navigation

We’ve improved keyboard navigation on the thread view within Outverse forums. Additional keyboard shortcuts/actions:

  • Up / Down: navigates through replies (if none focused, will focus first reply)

  • Enter: open reply side panel

  • C: copy link of reply

  • E: edit reply (if author of reply)

  • ⇧R: open reply modal to reply to thread (i.e. create a reply)

  • R: open reply modal to reply to a reply (i.e. create a nested reply)

  • ⇧T: toggle visibility of nested replies (if any)

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug where search was not functional within the forum switcher dropdown when composing a thread

  • Fixed a bug where items in doc contents where not truncating

  • Improved label UI on mobile

  • Fixed a big where admins where not showing in member directory search results

  • Fixed a big where advanced blocks where occasionally accessible in the thread composer

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