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New changelog: Knowledge base documentation, favoriting objects & improved thread nesting

Product release notes: 30 May, 2023

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Knowledge bases documentation

v1 of the native Outverse documentation suite is now live. Teams can now set up a knowledge base within their Outverse community – which is comprehensively searchable and reference-able from anywhere within Outverse. Enabling a knowledge base is done via your Community Settings > Knowledge Base – from which teams can specify enable and name their Knowledge Base.

Once enabled, teams are able to create folders and documents whilst also specifying document access, permissions and authors. Documents can be easily referenced/mentioned within community channels by hitting # followed by selecting the document they'd like to mention.

Here's an example of some Outverse documents in action: or .

Improved thread nesting

We've updated the way in which nested replies within threads display in community forums.

User favorites

All users (both community members and teams) can now pin their own favorites to their sidebar. This enables you to have quick access to items that you frequently use or are particularly interested in tracking the progress of. Currently, the following items can be added as a favorite:

  • Forum channels

  • Threads (both discussion and Q&A)

  • Documents

To add an item to your favorites, use one of the More actions dropdown menus associated with the item and select the Favorite item option. Favorites can be removed by following this same process.

Internal team badges

Users with a community team role (such as Admins) will now display a community team icon next to their name – helping better identify them within forums and other community channels.

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the community color was being incorrectly referenced

  • Improved community creation experience

  • New communities are now created with a default template to assist with onboarding

  • Improved tooltip accessibility across the app

  • Fixed a bug where images where occasionally not be rendered in thread OPs

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