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New changelog: Table components & team doc drafts

Product release notes: 04 January, 2024

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Table components

You can now added informational tables to your docs in Outverse. Tables can be added by opening the / formatting menu and selecting the Table option.Use tables to display information to your customers in a structured way and can anything added to them, including code blocks, images, and videos.

You can read more about formatting components in our doc here: .

Team doc drafts

Knowledge base document drafts are now saved team-wide (as opposed to locally per user) – enabling better collaboration on doc authoring and editing within teams.

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug where team logo was not showing next to non-admin team members

  • Fixed a bug where a double tooltip was displaying on the RHS panel's [expand<>collapse] icon button

  • Improved reply composer UI to prevent thread content being blocked

  • Improved navigation UX within settings interfaces

  • Fixed a bug where thread card height was jumping on first forum page load

  • Fixed a bug in the create workspace form

  • Improved SSR performance within forums

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