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SSO, IFrame, and Auth questions

Hey Ollie and team! It’s been a while since I’ve hopped on outverse, but I noticed rive using it so I thought I’d poke around again.

some things we would require in order to use outverse would be:

  • SSO and authentication to allow our current users access without signing in again

  • an integration with clerk to solve the above if possible

  • the ability to embed our community directly in our website as well as our electron application

what is the status of these items and if not complete, are they on a roadmap anywhere?

thanks, and love what you guys are doing. Keep up the great work!

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3mo ago

Thoroughly Impressed!

I am thoroughly impressed by Outverse. Keep up the great work!

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5mo ago

How can we make customers start posting in the community?

We now have a community of 30-40 "inactive" community members that we want to activate. Any tips or tricks to get members to post?

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6mo ago

Best way on getting new users to complete their profiles?

Hi, we see that new joiners are not completing their profiles after creating a user with email and PW. They are then just grey boxes with no names.

We have tried to pin a post in our General channel with direct links to the profile pages, but they not many seem to follow that. Do anyone else have any good ideas for getting the users to complete their setup?:)

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9mo ago

Would move from slack today if we can get a commitment on pricing

Sorry to be blunt but:
Will free always be free? Will messages disappear after 90 days/10,000?
If i upgrade to Pro will the pricing always continue to be 100$?

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Pricing for Open Source communities and non-profits

Hi. First impressions are great. However the free tier is a bit limiting and the $99/month isn't affordable for us. Many SaaS products offer a better free tier on application if you meet certain criteria. Any plans for this?

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Just read about your $6m seed raise. Congratulations!

Go get it! 🚀

Looking forward to watching the product develop and scale.

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10mo ago

Thoughts on the Reddit blackout and community relocation

"The good thing with Reddit is that it replaces the need for individual companies to make forums, which is something most are not good at.”

Sentiment towards Reddit is still souring in the wake of their unpopular developer pricing changes, and we're seeing a bunch of product communities discussing the possibility of relocation.

Some of these communities are both ‘unofficial’ and deeply established, having been created before the company started their own. This makes relocation decisions super interesting: where the unofficial community decides to live is not always up to the business, even if it becomes their primary channel for community engagement.

It's a good reminder for product companies to establish an official community early on: decisions about where a community is hosted can have wide-reaching impact on visibility, control, and the long-term value that teams can derive from it.

The comment up top is from a discussion in the Obsidian subreddit, and speaks to one of the core challenges we're working on at Outverse: making it easy for product companies to create intuitive, well-designed, custom community spaces. They don’t need to be “good at making forums” anymore.

If Reddit's struggles continue, it'll be interesting to see where these unofficial product communities decide to go next. In the meantime, the Reddit situation at large is a good reminder that being community-first is a choice – and even as a community platform, it’s possible to get that wrong.

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