2y ago

Way to reach our community members?

Is there any way yet to collect the email addresses of our members, or sync with something like zapier so they get tagged in ConvertKit? It still seems like there is no way to collectively (or individually) reach out to current members. I am hesitant to share my community beyond my alpha testers for this reason.

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2y ago

Hey thanks so much for this question! 🙌

In terms of enabling tags in ConvertKit, right now we're working on v1.0 of our webhooks functionality. This will enable you to automate the sending of information between Outverse and other apps. One of these notification events will be when a new member joins your Outverse community (which would include their email address). You're exactly right: using something like Zapier you'll be able to sync that webhook with ConvertKit, and automatically tag them.

We're aiming to be live with webhooks within the next week or so. 🤞 We will also be building a direct Zapier integration in the future to make it even more seamless to build flows like this.

In terms of being able to view / export email addresses of members directly within Outverse, this is also something we are keen to do. There are some data privacy considerations we want to get right first. Will keep you posted on timing & updates here!