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Feedback on recent build

Hey there - really loving following along as you deploy updates. I've tinkered with every community platform you can imagine (Tribe, Circle, Discourse, and every forum software available) and I am particularly impressed with your design choices thus far.

I see on the homepage your target audiece appears to be "Community infrastructure for product led companies. Designed for modern teams & products. Kick-start & scale your community discussions, feedback & knowledge base on Outverse." Tell me a bit more about this choice as a target audience? Are you selling to companies, community builders, social influencers 👀, somewhere in between?

User Experience

The good

  • User profiles look excellent on web app - keep them simple. Consider building some way to rate users - an ability to give another user feedback or some other gamification system. This will help with user retention and engagement, which your competitors fail at.

  • Link outs in the sidebar menu look great. Consider instead of making the user upload the icon, perhaps you can select from an open source collection similar to how you react with emojis. I actually have to download a Twitter icon to then upload.

  • Advance blocks are awesome and improve the user experience. Consider including more of these pre-built, purpose built blocks that improve the user experience. One note, I can add the advanced blocks to my Homepage experience but when trying to add the "Member Feature" block to my FAQ SPACE, it's unavailabe.

  • Tagging the Space/Forum looks fucking great.

The bad

  • Notficiations are still to obscure and hidden. This may be heavily debated but I am unsure I'd look where they are currently located. Consider a menu within user settings that allows the user to be precise in their notification desire. Have that tie back to a traditional notifications icon on the header. My opinion - hiding it as a tab within the specific forum space put its out of sight and out of mind.

  • Theme toggling is not particularly easy for a basic user to find - Consider adding a "lightswitch" at the bottom of the left sidebar menu.

  • Community avatar transparency isn't working in all areas See below.

The ugly

  • Mobile - I think this is a priority down the road but I'd call the current mobile UI/UX as, well, leaving a lot to be desired.

  • Filters in the Members area.

Wishlist / Brain Dump

  • What are your plans for chat? Discourse recently priortized in their latest production build.

  • Social Login?

  • More than 1 call to action - what if I want to Link the community Twitter and Github?

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Hey – thanks so much for this feedback – super helpful! We put lots of craft & thought into these decisions, so it's awesome to hear our design choices have been resonating thus far!

Regarding the core persona we're building for – we ultimately believe that the next generation of iconic companies & products will all be built & scaled community-first and our mission at Outverse is to build the tooling to enable this future. We're of the opinion that community tooling has seriously lagged behind the terms of the powerful, collaborative and progressive software we've seen emerge of the last few years (we like to call out the likes of Linear, Figma, Raycast & Coda in this bucket) – we're looking to change this with Outverse. Whilst we're focussing on software/product communities (from startups to larger cos) – our plan is to always have a free tier for Outverse and thus we'e still excited to support more grass roots community builders (who have a some strong overlapping requirements).

Taking you points in turn (+ I'll respond to your post over in separately)...

Member profiles

  • Agreed – Incentivising/gamifying are important. How would you like to see this work?

Sidebar links

  • We're thinking about this in a similar way – future iterations of this feature will include the ability to pick from a library or pull the favicon directly from the external URL

Advanced blocks

  • More on the way! (we're investigating the bug you flagged)


  • Absolutely – the Outverse notification triage system is a big priority for us and we're aiming to release our own fully-fledged notification inbox/triage towards the end of this quarter.

  • Keen to hear what you'd like to see from a native triage system here...

Theme toggling + mobile

  • Good news – we're aiming to release an update later this week with improvements re both of these (including a light<>dark switcher in the bottom LHS of the sidebar + the ability to collapse/expand the sidebar)

    • Preview img below

  • Re mobile – yes you're absolutely correct – we'll be improving mobile UX hugely within a mobile app on our longer-term roadmap

Member directory filters

  • We're currently working on adding more filters + search options to this interface


  • We have chat channels on our roadmap – although we definitely want to ensure these are designed and built super intentionally. In the very short term – we're prioritizing making Outverse forums as performant, rich & interactive as possible

  • Re social logins – yes, we are considering adding additional social logins (+ tangentially, SSO in the slightly longer term)

  • Multiple CTAs – absolutely – future iterations of this feature will allow for communities to add multiple CTAs / links to their community

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Love the reply. I'll send a more thorough reply a bit later this week.

Understanding your core persona, what will differentiate Outverse from ClickUp? Appears they are a bit further down the road, building for the same core persona.

Cheers for the ambition and good luck!

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Just looping back here ...Clickup is a pretty cool product with a lot(!) of features; we've actually experimented with it ourselves internally. In terms of what makes the Clickup and Outverse different – we laser-focused on building for the external communities (like this one!) rather than internal teams/workplaces.

We definitely believe that small software implementation details result in big differences in the way the community develops, behaves, and feels – and that this is inherently different for software co communities vs internal teams (re concepts including: sheer size/scale, knowledge base management, administration & user behavior patterns).

Consider adding a "lightswitch" at the bottom of the left sidebar menu.

^^^ A quick drop ahead of the weekend – you'll notice that the LHS sidebar is now collapsable and includes a quick theme switcher between light<>dark palettes :)

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Looks great and thanks for clarifying the model.

Please excuse me while I play with my the new, easy to find, widget.