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A quick bug walk and a feature request or two

Hi there!

I've been exploring Outverse today trying to see if it would fit some of my use cases and I ran into a few bugs. I also had a few feature requests/questions.


  • When you create a new community role, there's no way to toggle the permissions settings (e.g. 'manage sessions', 'manage forum spaces', etc). I clicked the toggles and they just... don't do anything. Tested in chrome and firefox.

  • When you create a new role and don't set a name, it says "Add members to null role"

  • When a user has joined a community but hasn't had email verified yet, they show up as undefined in the list of members

  • When you register a new account using email (i.e. none of the oauth things, just straight up email), I have yet to receive a verification email. I was only able to login with the "login with google" button, but never a regular signup. I tested this multiple times, and it never worked for me. I get other emails from Outverse (like the new community member notifications) but not verification emails. edit: I did eventually receive them, but it was hours later.

  • When you register a new account using email, the admin of the community gets a new member notification, before their email is verified. This isn't exactly a bug, but it is slightly misleading imo.

  • okay, this isn't a bug, but... it took me awhile to figure out how to exit the settings for the space. escape doesn't do anything, and the little gray X was off my screen (because I had scrolled down). I don't know how many times I tried to click on the gear icon to get out of the settings but... it was a lot. See my pain:

    What I wish it was instead (e.g. when you click the name it just... closes settings):

  • If you click the thing to mark a reply as the answer to a thread, and click "cancel", you can't click it again without refreshing the page (only tested in firefox).

  • Invite emails are slightly malformed:

Feature requests

  • I would love a way to embed code from something like codepen, stackblitz, etc like I can embed youtube videos. If I could /stackblitz with the embed link that would be very slick and would make it so I could use Outverse as a documentation resource. Not sure if that fits your current target customer base though.

  • Home pages in new communities should reaaaally start with some placeholder content to give an idea of what's possible. A blank page looks broken.

  • Webhooks would be a LOT more useful (to me) if I could configure how the data is sent, or if I could append a key/value pair or two. Really I want it to just ping a discord channel (which have built in webhook endpoints) but the content has to have a specific key in the payload (it's something like {"message": ...} at its most basic). This would enable me to have a dedicated discord channel on my phone that pings me any time a community member posts/replies/etc etc etc.

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11mo ago

Hey – thanks for the bug reports and feedback! We've fixed the invite notification + custom roles toggle issue you were experiencing and we also just pushed a change that means the email verification message should now hit your primary inbox rather than spam folder.

We're actually shipping a major upgrade to the Home section of communities next week which should address your point on making setup more frictionless.

We actually love the idea on codepen / stackblitz embeds and are looking into this – I'll keep you updated!