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Two feature ideas

Hey, guys! I hope you're all doing fine and the ideas below help you somehow. Thanks for being open and having me here.

Feature idea 1: trust levels

This idea is based on a Discourse Forum feature which I've seen being used in a writers community called Critique Circle. Basically, trust levels (in this link here) allow you to add points for each kind of interaction and reach a trust level after you execute a combination of actions in the community (in Critique Circle, for example, you can only post a text of yours for people to comment after you have commented on two other texts, and every text you post "costs" two comments).

Feature idea 2: spaces within spaces

This idea is based on Notion's pages and on Windows folders. It's a great way to get hyper organized with threads. In a course with different modules, for example, you could have one Group for the course as a whole; within it one space for each module; and within each module space a few subspaces for specific kinds of discussion (e.g.: 1. for the studens to share references they remembered in consequence of having attended that specific module, each reference a thread of its own; 2. for sharing work asked by the teacher in that module; 3. for the teacher to share specific documents etc.)

Another solution (they are not excludent, I guess, but I don't know if they serve different purposes) is the use of hashtags not as a way to mention spaces, as it is today, but as a way to organize categories of content. If I'm posting a reference within the Module A space, I'll write #reference somewhere in the post, and the platform will allow me to filter what I want to see through the hashtags either used or predefined for that specific space or group. I just remembered Discord has this feature (they also allow you to demand users to add a tag before they publish):

I just realized this could be achieved now through opening multiple groups for each course (one for references; one for students production etc.), one for each category of content, and then, within the category group, a space for each module. I guess it will work (which already is a great insight for me haha), but I see two issues:

  1. this makes it hard to cross all the knowledge and discussions generated around each module

  2. it will probably make for a very large side menu, with many groups and spaces always "viewable" (especially for someone who has access to more than one course, for example, since this persons rolls and permissions won't automatically hide part of the community).

If you guys know another hack for this, I'll be glad to hear.

3. An amazing find

I lost my internet connection after writing a lot here, before publishing this thread, and freezed thinking I'd probably lost everything. When the connection was restablished, I clicked to write a new thread and everything had been preserved from eternal oblivion. Thaaanks! :D

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