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2y ago

Unsplash/image feature integration

Just tossing out there that having some kind of image integration - via Unsplash or other - is a super convenient feature when creating content that needs a cover image (like an Event).

Being able to avoid having to go find, download, and then upload a picture is really awesome.

Just a thought!

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2y ago

Social feed?

I'd love to see the option of being able to add a social feed within Outverse.... Using a social media aggregator to bring in a feed that can draw in targeted news and posts of interest to the community.

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2y ago

Outverse is another universe

I've been testing a few other platforms and without naming names I think Outverse is shaping up to be something very special. Other forums (❤️) seem to have their video conferencing outside the platform on the third party service whereas Outverse is baked good. There's lots to look forward to hopefully being added but I am excited and keep up the great work Outverse team!

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2y ago

Private groups?

Will there eventually be the ability to create private groups in our Outverse? Would be nice to keep everything in house if I end up crafting small group programs

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2y ago

The ability to rearrange channels and groups after they've been created?

As I've been building my community, I've come up with new things that I want to add as I go along but as for formatting there are some things that I would like to put in a particular order but am unable to rearrange them without completely deleting things. I'd love to be able to have the ability to move these things around through a feature add by your team! Thank you so much and I love the platform and whats being built with Outverse!

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2y ago

Applications/approval to join?

Hi! I have about twenty members in my group and there are two who I can't identify based on their posted "name" (one of them is blank).

(I emailed you to see if you could help me identify them on your end since I don't feel comfy now knowing who's there).

anyway -- not only does this make me wish I could see the email list of my members, this experience has really made me wonder about the possibility of some application or admin approval step, perhaps with some filtering questions, before someone is admitted?

While my community will be financially free and open for anyone to join, I do like the idea of having some kind of approval step before they enter.

A possibility at some point?

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2y ago

Issues when making a community

This is just a list of bugs I ran into and thoughts I had when setting up a community.

  • For context, I set the community to be private.

  • The "Community avatar" won't upload, but doesn't throw any errors. Looks like it is uploading, but then I'm getting a 400 error on getting the resized version of it?

  • Clicking on "Session Calendar" crashes the app, landing me at with no content rendered.

  • It might be nice to have a shortcut to make a space in a space-group on the same line as the space-group title?

  • I'm unsure how to rearrange spaces and space-groups.

Those are my thoughts for now! More as I poke around more.

To be very clear: I'm really impressed with Outverse and enjoy it!

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2y ago

Will there be an app?

One of my members asked me this - was curious myself! If yes, any sense of timing?

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2y ago

Community/Members space: navigation label

Hey Outverse team! Minor suggestion here: change the "Community" navigation label to "Members".

It's already the name of the space when you expand it. Here's an example from my test instance:

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2y ago

Onboarding Checklist for New Members and email all members requests

It would be incredibly helpful to have some kind of onboarding checklist for new members to go through. In my previous community I tried to figure out all kinds of workarounds to this (dripped emails, an onboarding course, etc) before the platform finally created this kind of welcome checklist (though tbh it wasn't my most favorite format once they did release it).

Onboarding is so crucial for retention and engagement, especially if members are particularly tech-curious and need clear steps to execute on to get familiar with a space.

I was also curious if there's an "email all members" function coming? perhaps this will be addressed when the messaging stuff gets turned on later this year, but for now I can't think of any way to reliably reach all of my members at once (unless they've all subscribed to notifications in the same space and I create a new thread).

Just sharing ideas as they come to me!

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2y ago

Markdown has me worried :)

My use for Outverse will be as a community for people who are (very much) non-tech. I doubt many of them will work out how to add an image (for example) by clicking the 'I' bar at top right, much less using the '/'. I am interested to hear what others think...maybe it is just my wrong thinking? Is there any way to make it more understandable? Could the 'I' at least have different wording pop-up than 'Markdown formatting" which definitely would be Dutch to my crowd? Maybe "Format & insert"? But even then, they won't get past the fact they can't see the typical 'image' 'B' 'i' and indent symbols....I guess that would be my preferred. What do others think?

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2y ago

Guide:Forum Spaces request

Is there any way to make the shareable in some way?? It would be awesome to have this resource to post in my own community - it's a great userguide for the platform!

Otherwise I suppose I could just recreate/copy-paste?

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2y ago

Add to calendar on mobile

Pop up is half off screen on Android

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2y ago

Create Community member

I want to create Member or invite them

There is any function to do that?



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2y ago

My wishlist

Awesome work on the platform so far and thanks for the invite!

Here's what I would love to see.

Sessions Calendar

Ability to have calendar events for things other than Outverse hosted videos (in person events, webinars, streaming) or at the very least ability to disable and rename it (then we can simply put in person events into a custom area).

More embed options

For embedding Google forms, typeform etc + other video platforms. All our video content we use in our existing community is on Vimeo.


Allowing syncing of communities to other platforms (e.g. mailing list, event platforms). Useful endpoints could be:

  • GET/PUT/POST/DELETE for keeping all users/members up to date, automated onboarding etc.

  • GET/POST for threads


  • For when new members join

  • For new posts/threads

  • For replies

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2y ago

Riddick's Running List

There's a lot to get to so instead of unique threads, consider this a brain dump of sorts. While I know many are very likely on the roadmap, I'll include as we don't have that visibility yet.


  • White labeling - I assume this is coming with the paid subscription tiers

  • Search - Search in forum in which you hit the search bar, a check box to search the entire community vs. specific forum where you selected the action

  • Gamification

  • Groups and Spaces behind paywalls - native stripe and paypal integration

  • User profiles

  • Re-order spaces and new groups

  • Quick toggle for light/dark mode (maybe this is best in user profile, not sure)

  • Hide toggle for default Spaces - this is not a member feature, but an admin toggle

  • Enhanced user moderation preferences

  • Logins/Registration from popular social sites like Twitter/Discord/Linkedin.. Allow communities to toggle.. ensure registration is also fully white labeled if paying community.

  • Enhancements to email notifications

  • Notification icon next to spaces name that indicate number of post since my last visit - users can toggle on/off for this feature?

  • Better quotes. How about highlight text and quote pops up. Discourse has spoiled me.

  • Direct Messages

Nice to Have

  • User feedback - profile page where users can receive ratings from other members

    • Essential for peer to peer type use cases

  • Custom Terms of Use / Privacy Policy

  • Analytics - A dashboard with robust member engagement data would be a differentiator.

    • Time spent on site, Threads observed,

  • Enhanced moderation tools

    • Think low level moderators who can delete and edit threads but cannot do anything additional

  • Ad integration - your clients are going to want more ways to monetize than paid communities

  • Keyword + notifications - ie: If post contains "Obama" send me an email with a link

  • Integrations - Zaps - Whatever

  • Migration services - this one is huge. Whether you are directing to community members with technical proficiency (referred service) or you plan to offer it as a service, migrating from old tech will be something that comes up a ton. If you plan to commercialize, obviously care for that internally.

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2y ago

User is replying - QOL

One quality of life feature I really appreciate about Discourse is the live reply indicator. When inside a thread, I can see who is in the process of replying. While the user does not always submit their reply, this feature has more times than not kept me in a thread waiting for the discussion to continue...

Would love to see this. Perhaps it's already live and I just haven't seen another user live replying but if not on roadmap, I suggest adding it into a QOL update down the road!

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2y ago

Feature Requests: Editor & Spaces Enhancements

Adding the following commands were greatly improve ability to write documentation and richer content.

  1. Tables

  2. Support for inline LaTeX and/or LaTeX blocks (could use, e.g., MathJax for this)

Further, it would be nice to be able to do the following to a particular Space or Group of spaces (especially in the context of documentation):
1. Export a Space's content as a PDF or share it as a static page
2. Share a Group of Space's as collection of documents, where each Space is a section one can navigate to using an auto-generated sidebar navigation
3. Perhaps there should be another Type of Space entirely beyond Custom, Forum and Video called "Document" or "Documentation"

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2y ago

Feature Requests: Chatrooms & Task Lists (Or PM tool integrations)

There are two features that would greatly enhance my team's ability to adopt Outverse as a full-fledged replacement for the many applications/platforms we currently use.

The first is: ability to create chatroom-like spaces for real-time messaging.

The second is the ability to create simple Kanban boards and todo-lists. This is mostly for displaying progress rather than performing project management directly in Outverse, so an initial implementation of project management support that would meet this need would be an integration with GitHub projects and ClickUp (these are the two tools that we currently use), as well as others.

Alternatively, if there is a well-defined extension mechanism in Outverse that would enable us to implement this type of integration, I'd be happy with this as well.

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2y ago

A space for feedback & requests

As we build with the community, we want to hear all of your feedback here in the space.

We love feature requests and where possible will always look build and ship new features for the community quickly!

The best posts here are ones that define a problem and offers room for possible solutions or workarounds.

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