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🙏 Open Source & Self Hosting 💖


I'm Alice, a software developer and engineering director out here in Seattle. I love Outverse so far and I think it has major potential. However perhaps y'all are missing an essential ingredient to its growth, ethos, and direction.

Open source by its nature is a community building activity that would seem to fit perfectly with what your doing here. Would it not be better to have a community building tool built by a community?

This relates directly to my plea for Self Hosting. It's hard to make a major investment in a resource with the knowledge that one day it may disappear. This is the single factor that prevents me from building with Outverse at my current organization. I imagine that many will face the same dilemma.

I hope that your team can spot the opportunity to build something together that stands apart from all the other proprietary software competing for our time.

Thanks <3


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Hey , appreciate the kind words & feedback!

At Outverse, we have immense respect and admiration for open-source projects; in many ways, these organisations businesses pioneered community-building as we know it today. Many of our favourite products are open-source, and open-source libraries help power Outverse.

I hear your concerns regarding platform risk, especially after witnessing the headaches faced by communities built on Slack that later lost access to their content due to exorbitant pricing plans. To prevent this, we're working implementing features like guaranteed data and content exports, as well as enhanced privacy options. These features are all important parts of our roadmap.

We also recognize that many users are keen for an open-source solution here so that they can better customize their communities or build integrations on top of them. To support these users, we are actively developing our API to facilitate these options.

It goes without saying that open sourcing is a huge undertaking and commitment to the community. While it's not an immediate part of our roadmap, we remain open to the possibility if it represents the best way to achieve our vision and serve users.

Thanks again for the feedback and your super interesting perspective!