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My first request... are there plans for a Vimeo block?

My first Outverse will be private and some of the videos I want to share will have the "private" setting enabled on my Vimeo account. I should be able to add the Outverse domain OR the custom domain of the community to the Vimeo videos' settings to allow them to embed and play within the posts here. This is how I do it on Webflow based websites and it keeps the access to that content nice and secure 👍🏻. I'd be a happy tester for you on this block.

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2y ago

Hey , thanks a lot for this suggestion! 🦾

In terms of embeds within Outverse forums & custom spaces, we already integrate with YouTube, Loom and Figma. We're exploring new integrations and Vimeo is high on the priority list.

I'd be really curious to understand your intended use case with Vimeo embeds. What kinds of videos would you or your clients typically share?

Lastly – if there are other external embeds / blocks that are high-priority for you, let us know as we can bump some up the list!

2y ago

Hi there. So my use case is simple really: I host our course videos* on Vimeo as "unlisted" or "private" so they don't appear on the Vimeo site i.e. I like this level of privacy. It does pose a bit of an issue sometimes though when trying to embed the videos on web pages using some sort of embedly type widget (so watch out for that one) so I'm not ssure how you work with that one but I've managed to get around it with Webflow based websites by adding the website custom domain to the whitelist in Vimeo so that might help.

*Anyway, I have plans to share mini-courses I'm creating within my Outverse so being able to embed the Vimeo videos will be key. It was interesting to see Circle launch their courses feature this past week especially whilst I am planning on giving my community members access to my courses within Outverse / without them having to jump out of the platform. My hope with Outverse is that I can craft the courses using the standard Outverse features, have them accessible within groups with varying permissions, and be fairly loose with everything else i.e. I don't need to track people, for them to track their progress in the courses etc. Make sense?

Ultimately, when payment gateways are available in Outverse, it would be interesting to offer the core "community subscription" with add-on subscriptions or one-off payments to access private groups within which the courses will be available, you know?