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How can we make customers start posting in the community?

We now have a community of 30-40 "inactive" community members that we want to activate. Any tips or tricks to get members to post?

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5mo ago

Hi ,

Great job on getting started! Here are a couple suggestions to help encourage more activity in your community:

  • ‘Bootstrap’ the community with content from yourself and the rest of the team – inviting feedback on certain product areas, sharing announcements etc

  • Reach out to a handful of super users directly and encourage them to participate. You could incentivize this with early access to features, merch & other things your customers value

  • Emphasize the community in your customer communications – from one-to-one conversations and onboardings through to any newsletters and other channels with them

  • Make sure there’s a streamlined route / CTA through to the community within the app / product or your website

  • Suggest users set up notifications for important channels (e.g. announcements)

4mo ago

Big question I've been having.

I think in the beginning, general advice says you need to post the content yourself and bring activity to the community. Find 'rituals' like sharing screenshots for review (e.g. for a product community)

One problem I'm thinking is: how do you manage the inertia for users using a new software (e.g. Outverse) compared to established tools (e.g. Slack, Whatsapp) which they are more comfortable with?