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SSO, IFrame, and Auth questions

Hey Ollie and team! It’s been a while since I’ve hopped on outverse, but I noticed rive using it so I thought I’d poke around again.

some things we would require in order to use outverse would be:

  • SSO and authentication to allow our current users access without signing in again

  • an integration with clerk to solve the above if possible

  • the ability to embed our community directly in our website as well as our electron application

what is the status of these items and if not complete, are they on a roadmap anywhere?

thanks, and love what you guys are doing. Keep up the great work!

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Hey ! GameGlass is looking awesome. Taking your questions in turn:

  • We're recently started work on SSO – so this is on our short-term roadmap

  • re embedding outverse in your website / app – we're also currently in the early stages of working on an embeddable widget – which will enable your users to search and read outverse content (both docs & forum activity) from directly within your site/app – is this what you had in mind?

1m ago

Thanks man! And thanks for the response.

Yes, this is what we would need. The vast majority of interaction with our product happens in the desktop electron based application, so we would want a way of embedding both support and community related items in there.

If a user is signed in on our end already though, we wouldn’t want them to have to go to the web version to interact with content, especially in a forum setting. They should be able to have the same experience in app as they would on the website.

Is the plan for it to be read only when embedded?