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Can't change logo

Good afternoon, I'm trying to change the logo and branding of our space, but nothing is happening when I click "update". This is my space: https://app.outverse.com/verisian/settings/general/overview

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4mo ago

Hi – we're looking into this issue for you now.

4mo ago

Thank you! You may want to check the "reply" notification message, there's a "if else" in the highlighted text:

4mo ago

Hey Thomas – both of these issues should now be fixed!

4mo ago

Thank you! One more thing - when I'm in "settings", there's no easy way to go back after I've updated my settings. Not sure if that's a design decision, but it doesn't make for a great UX.

4mo ago

One more thing, I'm trying to upgrade to the paid Outverse version but after I click "get started for free", I'm redirected to this URL and the page is just stuck

4mo ago

I also recommend fixing the scrolling, see screenshot, when the text box is expanded, it starts to cover the entire thread and I can't scroll down further. I would expect the thread to remain visible...

4mo ago

Thanks for the reports, Tomás.

We're pushing fixes / improvements for these imminently – i'll report back here once they're live!

4mo ago

We've just pushed fixes / improvements for the items in this thread – thanks for the feedbaack !

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Thank you ! I'm not sure if the scrolling is fixed though, see attached screenshot, if the text box grows then it's still covering the thread and I can't scroll to make it appear

4mo ago

Yes there's some interesting trade-offs in enabling users to scroll + navigate the threads whilst composing a reply. It's always interesting to hear people's experience with the composer as we work on future improvements and iterations!

To date, we've taken the approach of requiring the user to minimize the reply composer in order to reveal the entirety of the thread below – there are definitely some other approaches we're considering here; we'l be shipping some further improvements in the new year!

Ahead of that, it's worth noting that you can use the ⇧R command to open the composer and the ESC key to quickly flick between the open<>closed composer state.

4mo ago

Thanks Ollie for the quick reply! As a user myself, that doesn't feel the most intuitive, but I respect design decisions must be made.

The ESC key works quite well, but shift + R doesn't seem to work on my end. I'm on Chrome/Mac.

One more thing, when I click on an individual message, there's not a quick way for me to close the display on the right. I would expect there to be an X in a corner so I can quickly go back.

4mo ago

What are your plans to record and send a quick screencast video? (loom style)

4mo ago

Going back to the "shift + R", it does work well (and is very intuitive)! But as soon as I click on a message and the display opens up on the right, it stops working.

4mo ago

This sounds like a bug – we're taking a look at this.

Re your question on quick screencast videos – we've been dicussing this internally for a while as it can be a super useful feature for both adding context when reporting bugs / feature requests – and also for team members when replying to support questions.

We're considering a more advanced native Loom integration integration vs building our own internal version of this functionality. Out of interest, what's your main use case(s) for a feature like this?

As a side note (you may already be aware of these!) – Loom videos can be easily embedded by simply pasting the Loom URL into the composer. You can also use any screen recording software and directly into the composer.

I've recorded a quick Loom below in which I record and then drag a mac screen recording (I use Cleanshot) directly into the composer without ever leaving the thread.

Thanks for the feedback re closing the right-hand side details panel – we'llput this on the agenda internally.

There are currently two ways to close the details panel:

  1. Click the Collapse side panel button directly to the left of the panel

  2. Use the ⇧P shortcut (this will also open the details panel when it is closed)

4mo ago

Thank you, I appreciate the fast response!

Regarding screencast, the use case can be whatever really. Sharing a new idea or feature etc. Especially for remote teams. I'm a big fan of Slack's screencasting feature which then also creates a transcription, although I find the transcript more of a "nice to have".

I was not familiar with Cleanshot, looks pretty cool, thank you for sharing!

Regarding closing of the side panel - silly me! I guess this will depend on what a user has been used to, as I can see now the toggle is actually quite intuitive. Personally I think having a "close" button would feel slightly more intuitive.