7mo ago

Best way on getting new users to complete their profiles?

Hi, we see that new joiners are not completing their profiles after creating a user with email and PW. They are then just grey boxes with no names.

We have tried to pin a post in our General channel with direct links to the profile pages, but they not many seem to follow that. Do anyone else have any good ideas for getting the users to complete their setup?:)

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7mo ago

Hey – thanks a lot for this question.

When the users who haven't completed their profiles return to your community in Outverse, they will be prompted to complete the rest of their profile. So they won't actually see the pinned post in your General channel.

If you head to the Manage Members section of Settings, you'll be able to see the details of those who haven't yet completed their profiles – so you could also message them directly.

We're looking into things to see if there's another reason some of your members aren't completing their profiles, but in the meantime I would suggest trying that.


7mo ago

Thank you, ! We will reach out to some of them and gather feedback on the process as well :)