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Upgraded performance an interface polish

Dec 19, 2023 Performance

Upgraded performance

We've made a number of changes that have significantly improved Outverse performance across the app. You should now experience improved performance when loading and navigating channels & documents – and also when filtering content/threads within channels. We’ve significantly improved load times in channels by:

Better optimizing the sequencing of essential vs non-essential data requests

Switching to server-side rendering to load data in faster

Reducing the number of loading states across the app

New emoji picker

We've been working on a number of UX / usability improvements to end the year. As part of this, we've built a new emoji picker from the ground up, inclusive of:

  • Hover for a quick-view list of favorites / recents

  • Compact <> expanded picker size for higher density viewport

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the Overview section of workspace settings

  • Added H1 tag to thread titles to improve indexing

  • Fixed a bug where the reply composer was not auto-focussing when opened

  • Fixed a bug where thread annotations where not rendering upon initial page load

  • Fixed a bug where the reply list avatar stack was not showing skeleton loading state

  • Fixed a height issue with the small variant of image embeds

  • Fixed a bug where the upload state spinner was not showing for video uploads

  • Improved styling on channel inline mentiones (e.g. #Announcements)

  • Added < navigation icon button to user and workspace settings for improved navigation

  • Fixed a bug where occasionally doc drafts where not saving across users

  • Fixed a big where the reply composer would occasionally obstruct thread content when open