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Team roles + improved navigation

Oct 26, 2023 Teams

Workspace teams

We've introduced Team roles to Outverse workspaces. You can now manually invite and promote admins and team members from your workspace settings - Workspace Settings > Team

Within forums, admins and team members will be easily identifiable by the workspace logo that appears next to their name. Read more about teams in our guide.

Inviting team members:

Invite new team members or admins by gong to Workspace settings > Team > Invite team member . Users can be directly invited as either an admin or a team member via the dropdown in the invite modal.

Entering the user's email and clicking Send will send a unique invite to the user which will be valid for 1 week.

Improved navigation

We've improved navigation across Outverse workspaces – making it easier and more intuitive.

We've moved the Knowledge base, Channels, Resource library, and Workspace CTA tabs into the new global topbar – along with workspace-wide search.

Accordion formatting

Accordion blocks (or 'toggles') can be used to add a dropdown component for showing <> hiding content.

Optionally add an accordion to a doc by using the / command and selecting the Accordion option from the dropdown menu.

Accordion's can have other blocks added within them and can be dragged positionally by clicking and dragging the toggle icon.

Below is an example of an accordion in action:

Accordion (toggle me)

Internal accordion content

Another accordion

Even more accordion content!

Read more about accordions and other organization componentd in our guide.