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Private channel labels & custom icons

Feb 06, 2024 Forums

Private labels

You'll can now create private labels within your Outverse workspace. Private labels can:

  • Only be added to threads by team members

  • Only be seen on threads / filtered for by team members

Private labels will appear with a lock icon next to them, so team members will be able to easily differentiate them from normal labels. To create a private label, head over to Workspace settings > Community > Labels and create / edit a label. When editing a label, toggle between normal and private mode using the eye<>lock icon button.

Custom channel icons

You'll now be able to upload a custom icon (we suggest an SVG) for each channel, which will display instead of the default icon in the sidebar and also other places across your workspace.

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved user experience for workspace admins on custom domains

  • Fixed a bug where the labels page in workspace settings was occasionally not loading all label content

  • Fixed a bug in the gallery block when deleting the final row

  • Improved styling for thread solutions UI

  • Improved styling for unpublished docs UI

  • Improved build size and chunking

  • Added an optional noindex flag to prevent all content indexing (including public content)

  • Fixed a bug where the OpenGraph image preview in workspace settings was not rendering correctly

  • Improved styling in docs sidepanel UI

  • Improved styling and accessibility of callout block UI