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Knowledge base sections

Feb 23, 2024 Docs

Docs sections

You can now create sections within your knowledge base for an additional layer of hierarchy and organization. Sections can contain both documents and categories and can be easily reordered in the sidebar via drag-and-drop, along with the items within them.

Forum grid view

We've added a new format/view option to Forums – further extending their flexibility and utility. The forum grid/gallery view enables a more visual representation of forum activity.

Teams can specify which view options are available in each forum via the channel settings

Maximize thread height

You can now specify individual threads to not truncate when in Expanded forum view, locking the card to show the entire thread content. This is particularly useful in announcement/changelog forums, enabling users to browse the entirety of announcements directly on the forum page (without navigating into the thread view itself).

Team members can maximize a thread card's height via the ... dropdown on the thread card.

Improvements & fixes

  • Teams can now specify a light and dark mode custom icon variant for channels

  • Improved accessibility of forum & thread notification options

  • Hovering an emoji reaction will now show the list of reacting users

  • Fixed a bug where in certain scenarios the @ mention menu was returning an empty user list

  • Fixed a bug where the color picker for custom role badges was not rendering in workspace settings

  • Fixed a bug where occasionally a new doc was being created when the knowledge base route domain was loaded by a team member

  • Fixed an overflow bug in the table editor block

  • All hyperlinks in a workspace are now themed to the workspace's accent color

  • Improved UI styling for custom roles badges