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Document version history + more

May 01, 2024 Docs

Version history

Teams now have access to a document's complete version history. To access a doc's version history, click the n versions > button in a doc's right-hand side panel. This will open the version history interface, from which team members can view the current and previous versions of the document along with the active draft (if it exists). Within the version history interface, team members are able to:

  • View diffing against the prior version

  • View which team member made each edit within versions

  • Revert to previous versions

  • Publish a new version

  • Delete an existing draft

Custom doc & category icons

Custom icons can now be added to docs and categories in your knowledge base. They'll appear in the left-hand sidebar as well as any galleries you have set up.

  • Doc icons can be added via the right-hand side panel

  • Category icons can be added via the Create / Edit category modal (accessed by hitting the ... button when hovering over a category name)

Custom icons are of course optional – and teams are able to add both light and dark variants.

Admin side panel

Team members will now see a new tool bar in their workspace – on the left-hand side of the Outverse interface. Only team members see this panel – and will be seeing some exciting new features & functionality added their soon. This is now where admins will access their workspace settings from via the cog icon.

Improvements & fixes

  • Pasting a URL directly onto existing text in the editor now automatically hyperlinks the text

  • Fixed a bug where doc contents block links were occasionally opening in a new browser tab

  • Improved accessibility of toggle components