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Custom navigation galleries

Oct 13, 2023 Editor

Knowledge base navigation galleries

You can now added navigation galleries to your knowledge base on Outverse. Navigation galleries are organizational components that can be used to create navigation and category pages within your knowledge base.

Navigation galleries can have both categories and / or individual docs added to them, enabling flexible composition. To add a navigation gallery to a document, use the / command menu and select the Docs gallery option. You can then use the + buttons on the x and y axes to add rows / columns. For each item, you will be able to add a short description.

Upgraded reply composer

We've improved reply UI and interactions with forums. The reply composer is now pinned to the bottom of threads in a minimized state. Clicking the composer will open it, ready for composition. You can still reply directly to individual replies by clicking the Reply button directly on the reply card or using the ⇧R keyboard shortcut when an individual reply is focussed.

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved styling of inline code within docs and forums

  • Improved accessibility of callout blocks within docs

  • Fixed a bug where non-images could be embedded in the image embed block

  • Fixed two styling issues within dropdowns / context menus (right-aligned chevron and invisible tooltip)

  • Fixed an issue where explainer copy was not showing for privacy types in the 'Create channel' modal

  • Improved performance & UI in the 'Manage members' section of workspace settings