6mo ago

How can I as admin choose default notification settings for the members I invite?

The default notification setting is to get an email notification every time somebody has replied to a thread that the member has also replied to. I know that you turn that off for yourself, but the members we are going to invite to our community are not very tech savvy so I would like to choose the most convenient notification settings for them as default. How do I do that?

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6mo ago

"In this doc" does not follow when scrolling - makes it harder to use to navigate longer pages

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6mo ago

Notification/unread | I find it a little hard to see that there is a new post in the channel now

The light grey overlay on the text is not sufficient for me to see that there is a new thread/comment in a channel. Is this something you are working on?

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6mo ago

Missing overview of incomplete profiles

"Manage members" showed users that hadn't completed their profile together with the rest. That made it easy for us to reach out to them. Now it seems like only the complete profiles are visible, and that the incomplete profiles are nowhere to be found. Are they visible some other place?

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6mo ago

How to update community members to team or admin role?

We're trying to update an existing member to a team role, but sending out invites from the Team settings page doesn't help. Following the invites they are still only members.

Also removing the member and sending out invitations to the team seems to just restore them as members.

Is there some other way of upgrading members to team/admin role?

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6mo ago

Email Format Error

Email invitation lists community name as {community_slug}

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7mo ago

Unable to scroll on the Events setting page in edit mode. Have to zoom out in the browser to be able to save edits or delete

This is the bottom of the page, unable to scroll further down to see that I have chosen "Members only" for instance.

With zoom out:

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7mo ago

Would like to add hyperlinks to Events - both as "Location" and in the "About this Event"

We are using MS Teams Events for the actual events with our users, and would like to add to that register page in our Community Event.

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7mo ago

New changelog: Teams, global navigation & accordion components

Product release notes: 26 October, 2023

Read the full changelog →

Workspace Teams

We've introduced Team roles to Outverse workspaces. You can now manually invite and promote admins and team members from your workspace settings - Workspace Settings > Team

Within forums, admins and team members will be easily identifiable by the workspace logo that appears next to their name. Read more about teams in our guide.

Invite new team members or admins by gong to Workspace settings > Team > Invite team member . Users can be directly invited as either an admin or a team member via the dropdown in the invite modal.

Entering the user's email and clicking Send will send a unique invite to the user which will be valid for 1 week.

Global navigation

We've improved navigation across Outverse workspaces – making it easier and more intuitive.

We've moved the Knowledge base, Channels, Resource library, and Workspace CTA tabs into the new global topbar – along with workspace-wide search.

Accordion formatting components

Accordion components (or 'toggles') can be used to add a dropdown component for showing <> hiding content.

Optionally add an accordion to a doc by using the / command and selecting the Accordion option from the dropdown menu.

Accordion's can have other blocks added within them and can be dragged positionally by clicking and dragging the toggle icon.

Below is an example of an accordion in action:

Accordion (toggle me)

Internal accordion content

Another accordion

Even more accordion content!

Read more about accordions and other organization componentd in our guide.

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7mo ago

Hi, we are struggling with customers not being able to sign up with LinkedIn or Google

The sign-up flow pops up, the "Allow" in the popup, but then the popup box turns white and they are not redirected nor logged in. Currently they have to create a user with email and password to be able to log in.

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7mo ago

Best way on getting new users to complete their profiles?

Hi, we see that new joiners are not completing their profiles after creating a user with email and PW. They are then just grey boxes with no names.

We have tried to pin a post in our General channel with direct links to the profile pages, but they not many seem to follow that. Do anyone else have any good ideas for getting the users to complete their setup?:)

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8mo ago

We are struggling with setting up the slack integration - something you can help out with?

After clicking allow we get the blue screen. We are logged in with the Slack Admin user and the Outverse Admin user. Not sure whether it is a bug or a user error here. Any thoughts? :)

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8mo ago

Slow performance while navigating - Any plans to improve this?


We are considering Outverse for our product. We really like its features.

However, we are experiencing slow performance and this is a blocker for us. For example, moving between the channel and the channel takes approximately 4 seconds.

Are there any plans in the short term to drastically improve this? (Ideally from 4 seconds down to under 1 second)

Thanks a lot!

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8mo ago

Would love the opportunity to have more direct links under "Explore"

We are currently routing to our Help Center, but have some other links we would like to make easily accessible to our users. Our reasoning behind routing to Help Center is to ensure the community does not become a support or bug reporting place for our customers (as we have other systems for that)

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8mo ago

New changelog: Search engine indexing & video embeds

Product release notes: 13 September, 2023

Read the full changelog here

We’ve been working on making Outverse more accessible to search engines – meaning discussions and documentation within your Outverse space will be more accessible via organic search.

This release changes the way we render content in Outverse. Ultimately, this now means that individual pages can be indexed by search engines. This begins with public forums, with knowledge base doc indexing coming shortly.

We’ve also given URLs an update so they’re easier for humans and search engines to read: Outverse content now uses clean URLs that include the forum name and the thread title. If you’re an Outverse admin, you don’t need to do anything: all URLs will automatically redirect to their new location. We’ve also improved the way we handle title tags for individual threads so they now reflect the contents of discussions.

Video embeds

Video files can now be natively embedded within Outverse forums. Forums will accept all major video file types up to 1GB in size. To add a video embed, simply select the video embed option from the / formatting menu when creating a thread or reply.

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved performance within forums

  • [Accessibility] Alt attribute is now mandatory for all images

  • Fixed an alignment issue re image preview on small devices

  • Fixed a bug to enable all labels to be removed from a space

  • Fixed a bug where users could occasionally not click through within the search modal

  • Fixed an issue with button disabling within the create channel modal

  • Fixed a browser shortcut clash when copying a reply URL

  • Fixed a visual issue with the date/time input field

  • Fixed a bug where the Home forum activity feed was topping at 50 threads

  • Fixed a bug where content library images where loading with incorrect aspect ration on certain browsers

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9mo ago

Additional Member information on the Member card

Have you considered asking your members for additional information to be added to the user dimension?

We would like Company and Role to be data points for community members to quickly check about each other

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10mo ago

New changelog: Forum labels, user-level channel permissions & thread shortcuts

Product release notes: 02 August, 2023

Read the full changelog here

Forum labelling

Labels are now available within all community spaces and can be used to organize, filter and search within forums. You can create new labels in your community settings and can specify whether forums have labels active within your channel settings. Within forums (and the home index view) you can now filter be able to filter by labels. We'll be adding further functionality soon, including:

  • Specifying specific labels to specific forums

  • Adding the ability to gate the labelling permission within forums to particular roles/users

Per-user channel permissions

Channel permissions can now be set at the user level (in addition to the custom role level). This includes:

  • Gating channel access & visibility to specific users

  • Gating intra-forum permissions (e.g. thread creation, reply creation) to specific users

  • Private channels will display users who have access in the top bar for easy visibility

Thread keyboard navigation

We’ve improved keyboard navigation on the thread view within Outverse forums. Additional keyboard shortcuts/actions:

  • Up / Down: navigates through replies (if none focused, will focus first reply)

  • Enter: open reply side panel

  • C: copy link of reply

  • E: edit reply (if author of reply)

  • ⇧R: open reply modal to reply to thread (i.e. create a reply)

  • R: open reply modal to reply to a reply (i.e. create a nested reply)

  • ⇧T: toggle visibility of nested replies (if any)

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug where search was not functional within the forum switcher dropdown when composing a thread

  • Fixed a bug where items in doc contents where not truncating

  • Improved label UI on mobile

  • Fixed a big where admins where not showing in member directory search results

  • Fixed a big where advanced blocks where occasionally accessible in the thread composer

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10mo ago

Adjust width of doc contents

It should be possible to adjust the width of the doc contents component as it takes to much space as of now... ☝️

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10mo ago

Would move from slack today if we can get a commitment on pricing

Sorry to be blunt but:
Will free always be free? Will messages disappear after 90 days/10,000?
If i upgrade to Pro will the pricing always continue to be 100$?

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10mo ago

New changelog: Improved keyboard navigation in forums + more granular object timestamps

Product release notes: 14 July, 2023

Read the full changelog here

Keyboard navigation on forums

Outverse forums are now keyboard navigable, with increased keyboard shortcuts. When on a forum (including the Home view), you can now hit the down arrow on your keyboard to navigate through threads. Hit enter to navigate directly to the thread, C to copy the link, or E to edit (if you have the required permission to do so). Stay tuned for more on this soon.

Mor granular timestamps

We've added more granular timestamps across Outverse objects for improved line-of-sight and reporting. Hovering over any timestamp in Outverse will now display a detailed date/time.

Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a search-related bug in the # dropdown menu

  • Added ⇧J shortcut for joining a community

  • Improved handling of expired session tokens

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