6mo ago

How can I as admin choose default notification settings for the members I invite?

The default notification setting is to get an email notification every time somebody has replied to a thread that the member has also replied to. I know that you turn that off for yourself, but the members we are going to invite to our community are not very tech savvy so I would like to choose the most convenient notification settings for them as default. How do I do that?

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6mo ago

Hey – members will need to configure their own notification settings once they've joined – but there are a few default settings that exist:

  • If a user creates a new thread, they are automatically subscribed to all replies within the thread

  • If a user replies within a thread, they are automatically subscribed to direct replies back to them within the thread

  • If a user is mentioned using the '@' mention function, they will automatically receive a notification for the mention

    • Note: whilst all users are automatically subscribed to mentions, they can opt-out of receiving a notification message via their 'Notification settings'

We're currently working on evolution of onboarding that will enable your members to see and update these settings as they join your community/workspace.

Notification preferences (accessed via the ... button next to your workspace name e.g. 'Outverse Support' for us!):