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Atypical uses: play-by-post and text-based RPGs

A lot of my online social space use is oriented towards tabletop RPGs, but one thing that I would love in a tool would be a good facility for playing TTRPGs online (really more "real-time text" than PBP, for my tastes).

The last best tool for this was Google Wave if you believe it, back in the day. Part of what was great was that each person had their own editable bubble, but you could see real-time that others were writing. Of course, Wave went away, and strictly chat-oriented tools have just never been quite as good.

So, the question: have folks tried playing any RPGs here? How's it worked out for them? I love the idea of like, a channel for a game, an OP thread for a session, and then just back-and-forth in that session. Are there dice bots we could use? Any other sorts of integrations that could make things niftier?

Thanks! Thoughts and experiences welcome!

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Oh and the built-in calendar tool would be superb for this, too.

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As for seeing live replies, the team has confirmed they plan to add that feature. I have very limited experience with Google Wave so I cannot speak to the features.

Specifically, what did you like about it? What about live text (Discord, for example) makes it challenging?

Also - I'm not a huge RPG fan but once you build your community on Outverse I am...in.

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Cool, glad to hear that!

So I don't want Wave itself; it had weird edges. But I do want to explore what worked about it and what doesn't work (for me) about plain old text chat.

There's a thing where real-time text RP can be like, pseudo-literary. You can spend some time on your descriptions with loving detail. But that also means that if your tools are shaped this way, you can spend a lot of time watching a little "So-and-so is writing" indicator instead, as folks agonize over phrasing. Wave was cool because you could see they were writing but also do your own thing meanwhile, and also not worry about colliding with their cursor (like you would with Google Docs, say). Outverse doesn't seem like it'd be quite that, but it might work well to still have each your own bubbles of text, in-thread replies (for the dice bot?) etc.

Discord and Slack just end up with everything in an infinite scrollback, and/or a weird messy interleaving of IC and OOC stuff.

I dunno, that's my off-the-cuff thoughts!