Custom groups

Custom groups

Create custom roles & permissions within your forums.

Creating roles

To create a custom role within your community, head over to the your community settings and navigate to the ‘Community roles’ tab.

  • Role info

  • Role permissions

  • Adding members

Role details

When creating a new role, you’ll need to choose a role name along with a role color. You can always change this later!

Something that may not be immediately noticeable, but super helpful, is how role colors are used. Role colors will dictate the color of the role badge, but also the color of member’s display name’s in certain places (such as forum spaces) – you can see an example of this below:

Role permissions

  1. After you've given the new role a name and chosen a role color, it's time to add some permissions.

  2. Select on the Permissions tab of the new role you just created to see the list of server Permissions you can assign under this role.

  3. Make sure to consider what you want users in this role to do in your server when choosing permissions.

  4. Don't forget to Save the changes you're making to this role!

Assigning members

The final step in creating a custom role is assigning your new role to some members. This is done via the member tab in the role creation/edit view.

It’s important to remember that members can have multiple custom roles and members inherit the permissions of the combined roles assigned to them.